minority students, remediation, clinical failure




This article details the example of remediating an at-risk nursing student who failed two clinical rotations at a large university nursing program. It is a case of working with a minority student using six simulations and two clinical days in the hospital. The author describes the process of how the simulations and clinical experiences were used to assist the student in increasing her confidence and clinical abilities. In addition to the example of the student, an extensive literature review was done prior to working with the student. This aided the author not only in determining methods for assisting the student, but also in understanding the student’s culture and ethnicity. The authors of the nursing journal articles discuss the variety of at risk students categories and how faculty and advisors can help these students to be successful. Nursing faculty should find this article helpful in their work with at risk students because the remediation plan outlined could be adapted to help many different students with clinical difficulties.

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Schoofs, N. C. (2012). How can we help minority nursing students? Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 2(3), 154–161.

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