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Taylor Norman attended Purdue University for her graduate degrees in English Education after a four-year career as a rural high school English teacher. Taylor’s research stories the identities and practices of in-service English language arts teachers. By using narratives from the classroom, Taylor’s research builds bridges by highlighting stories of theory and practice. Currently, she is teaching undergraduate English Education courses at Northern Michigan University.


In this paper, the pedagogical method known as student centered instruction is storied. Classroom narratives, called pedagogical stories, are shared to inform the collective practice of teaching. Together, stories of classroom experiences speak in one voice (Coles, 2004). A voice that tells preservice teachers stories of what they might encounter when applying their learned methods to classroom practice; stories of classroom situations that aim to inform theory and method with practice. Through the use of classroom narratives, the author suggests that the student centered approach has a responsibility to culturally responsive teaching, especially in the language arts classroom.

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