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Cathy Fleischer is a professor of English at Eastern Michigan University, where she teaches courses in writing and English, co-directs the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, serves as Faculty Associate for the Office of Campus and Community Writing. Alaina Feliks, Melissa Brooks-Yip, and Sarah Andrew-Vaughan have all participated in Everyday Advocacy training facilitated by Cathy. Alaina teaches in Stockbridge Community Schools, Melissa is Coordinator of Instruction for the Washtenaw Intermediate School District, and Sarah is District English Department Chair for the Ann Arbor School District


What would happen if we began to see advocacy as part of teachers’ professional identity, as an integral part of who we all are as teachers—not just in moments of crisis, but every day? This article demonstrates how three teachers have made everyday advocacy part of their identity after participating in advocacy training, by exploring the action plans they created surrounding issues of concern in their local contexts.

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