Author Biographies

Dr. Nicole Guinot Varty is an Associate Professor of Teaching for the Composition Program in the English Department. Her scholarship encompasses ecological models of writing development, assessment, learning communities, and first-year writing.

Dr. Adrienne Jankens is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Wayne State University. Her research centers on reflective writing, first-year writing, teacher development, and writing program administration.

Dr. Linda Jimenez is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the Learning Design and Technology program at Wayne State University. She has over 20 years of teaching experience in higher education. Her research interests include universal design for learning, interactive technology applications, and inclusive design pedagogy.

Mariel Krupansky, a Ph.D. Candidate in the English Department, researches across multiple areas including Writing Studies, Writing Assessment, Technical and Professional Communication, and the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.

Anna E. Lindner is a critical/cultural media historian. Her dissertation applies discourse analysis to Spanish colonial letters, official reports, and news publications about African rebellion in nineteenth-century Cuba. Her other research interests include racialization and linguistics, intersectional feminisms, queer studies, and racial justice activism.


In the face of so many current challenges, teachers may feel overwhelmed at the thought of engaging in antiracist work, or they may be discouraged by seemingly slow progress. This article presents present a narrative of building and maintaining an antiracist research coalition across departments at our university. By grounding our work in the important work of key black scholars, we describe our process of naming whiteness, inviting collaboration, grappling with definitions, and even identifying a few small victories along the way. Members of our group contribute their voices and perspectives from across the past two years of developing our antiracist research coalition. We hope that as we tell our story, fellow teachers and scholars are encouraged that building a sustainable research group that focuses on a local context is possible, and that even the smallest-seeming progress is forward-motion.

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