Objectives. An educational reinforcement exercise, using a bingo game, introduced students to challenging public health emergency preparedness terminology in order to pilot test the use of a game as an efficient method of learning a new vocabulary and definitions. Knowledge of the language of emergency preparedness and a fast and fun way to stay current could contribute to better coordination among public health personnel and their community partners. Methods. A bingo game, developed using Macromedia Flash and XML files, and delivered within the Blackboard™ Course Management System was tested with first year medical students in a library orientation, and graduate public health students in an introductory class (Groups 1 and 2 respectively). Pre- and post-tests were embedded in the game so that participants received their results at the conclusion of each to reinforce learning. Results. Both groups showed a statistically significant improvement in their knowledge of terms. Conclusions. The results suggested that the web-based educational reinforcement in bingo game format was an effective method for learning difficult terminology. Anecdotal data from verbal feedback after each group showed favorable reactions to the learning approach. The flexibility and customizability of the bingo activity makes replication in other academic and public health applications possible.

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