The purpose of this investigation was to acquire data regarding the validity of reproduction tonal memory tests by examining the relationships between performances on an existing reproduction tonal memory test and performances on several recognition tonal memory tests. Analysis of 210 fifth- through twelfth-grade students' scores on one reproduction test and four recognition tests of tonal memory revealed moderate relationships (r = .47 to .66) between the two types of tests. Stepwise multiple regression revealed a moderately strong predictive relationship between a combination of three recognition measures and the reproduction test (R = .73, R2 = .53). Little change was noted in the relationship between the two types of tests with regard to singing experience. Although the reproduction tonal memory test was tentatively deemed a valid measure, the following additional research and analysis was suggested: (a) continued consideration of gender,ability, and total musical experience as they affect overall validity, and (b) the creation of a more reliable recognition test alternative.


Original Citation: Norris, Charles E. "Factors Related to the Validity of Reproduction Tonal Memory Tests." Journal of Research in Music Education 48, no. 1 (2000): 52-64.

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