Current Call

Inaugural Issue: Toward an Autistic Culture
Deadline for Manuscripts: September 2, 2019

Ought: The Journal of Autistic Culture aims to document autistic culture by publishing scholarly and creative works that examine and explore it. Ought recognizes that autistic culture is not monolithic: it is as varied as the autistic community itself. Nevertheless, community members and scholars have sought to define its salient features, denoting its shared language, common symbols, actualizing rituals, underlying beliefs, and broad concerns with self-advocacy. The inaugural issue of Ought aims to continue this discussion of autistic culture. Authors are encouraged to consider one or more of the following:

  • The history, emergence, and growth of autistic culture
  • The role of advocacy and self-advocacy within autistic culture
  • Representations of autism or autistic culture in popular media, fiction, or nonfiction
  • Obstacles or challenges to the ongoing development of autistic culture
  • Significant expressions or features of autistic culture (e.g., manga)
  • Autistic culture in education, at all roles and levels
  • Original exemplars of autistic culture (e.g., works of speculative fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction).

Ought encourages both critical and creative works in every genre, including original research, theoretical scholarship, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts. Ought is a peer-reviewed journal whose editorial board consists of neurotypical and autistic scholars, educators, writers, and artists.

Please submit manuscripts for the Fall 2019 issue by September 2, 2019.