Current Call for Submissions: Autistic Communities

Deadline: March 15, 2020

In many ways, autistic people experience community as something of a contradiction. While some may find comfort in community, others may feel rejected. Some communities include us without ever really understanding us. They are spaces that require navigation of norms, expectations, customs, and routines. Yet, the concepts of community are continually being reinvented with new forms of technology, which provides new avenues for communication and connection previously impossible.

For the Spring 2020 issue of Ought: The Journal of Autistic Culture, we invite contributors to explore how autistic communities work within and resist traditional notions of community. Questions to consider: What is an autistic community? How do autistic communities benefit or harm autistic individuals? What role does the web play in developing autistic communities? How do traditional social institutions allow or disallow the development of autistic spaces and communities? How can educators develop autistic communities within their schools?

Ought encourages both critical and creative works in every genre, including original research, theoretical scholarship, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts. Ought is a peer-reviewed journal whose editorial board consists of neurotypical and autistic scholars, educators, and writers. Please submit materials at http://scholarworks.gvsu.edu/ought.