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I’ve been working on a larger scale with various media and tools for mark-making to get my whole body involved in the movement. It’s taken time for me to work this intuitively, allow my body to shape spaces that communicate beyond words and the small, tight, figurative works I’ve long squeezed me into. For me the silent paint, and mixed media, speak louder and connect on a deeper emotional level in abstract form, speak when words fail me. I work spontaneously and instinctively but I’m also shaping a visual language through the poetry of line and movement, and the poetry of emotion, space, and colour. Body talks to body through the intimacy of drawing and gestural mark-making. In embodied art I explore the materiality of creating and communicating, the way it feels in my body, discover I’m able express what I used to hold in. I shape an emotional and visual aesthetic, intimate, raw and gestural, in a space of my own particular harmony of elements.

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