This article will explore how Divergent forms of autistic communication and expression, within an artistic context, convey an aesthetic that awakens otherworldly realms existing between the physical world and portals of invention. These otherworldly creations are often made manifest through modes of stimming.

For autistic artists who use stimming (repetitive motions and actions) in their artwork and texts, intuition plays a key role, and many, particularly female and non-binary, recognize the role Gothic also plays in their work.

This article will use Serres philosophy on intuition and definitions of the Gothic to show how autistic artists may use both in their artwork to respond to wilderness as a space for authentic, unfiltered, "embodied" expression.

I will be using examples from my own written and recorded work through case studies of my own, while also drawing reference to other lived experiences of stimming as a means of navigating an often inaccessible society. It is thus important that autistic voices and experiences have been central to this research.

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