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Model: Illustration

Collection: N°13 of the collection n°11 : « Life Origine »

Title: « La naissance Ffgwanariis »

Artist: « Eddie Louis Delvaux »

Size: 70x100 cm

Nature: Markers « Posca », Highlighter « Stabilo », Paper brand « Canson », Pencils

Price: 950 euros

Framing: « Angle Var », Brand « Nielsen »

Langage: No calligraphic

Collection No. 11: "Life Origin"

In the Extrarian galaxy, the era of the first beings flourishes abundantly! We are immersed in the time of the first beings and their descendants… At the dawn of the makers of organic and vegetal planets. The "Liforgs" and the "Treeseeds" were the first beings bound by the creation of the "void" and the "forces" (For example, the forces of water, the forces of kindness (spirit and material)). They were endowed with a spirit and a material envelope with a connection between the two. Through their collisions, the "Forces" and the "Void" allowed the creation of a unity, a fusion of the two! A unity that leads to the creation of what we call: "Life". Each fused entity organized itself through evolutionary stages, to create the elements that propagate life. A planet sprang forth! All the forces of water (liquid, evaporated, salty, sweet, drinkable, etc.), of earth (sand and rock, etc.), wind, fire, and other elements unknown to Earthlings, shaped this system that functions among them. The perfect recipe, after several trials and errors, produced a planet entirely independent (no worship of a god or gods, no sanctification, no cults)! A totally independent planet with a few elements that populate it (the Earth still ignorant of these missing elements). The "forces" also created an evolution of forms, matter, waves, and the identity of the associated spirit.

This is where the first colonists arrived, as evolution progressed, with the fusion of the "Force" and the "Void". With systems of reproduction, cloning, variations of elements, assemblies of multiple spirits and matter, the "Liforgs" (beings endowed with beliefs with much more developed perception and senses) were born centuries later… They adapted to the elements of the planet, since they were in the state of bacteriological, viral, vegetal, and fungal forms (etc.). Thus, they had time from their genetic transitions, to apprehend the conditions of the "climatic Forces," food, shelter, etc. The "Forces" decided to refine the autonomy of the "Liforgs". They bequeathed them knowledge, as well as the understanding of the recipe: "Life" in an infinite cycle (creation of new planets, galaxies, civilizations, evolutions, societies, universes, etc.). The "Void" is a close cousin of the "Forces," but jealous and fierce, it tries "sneakily" to appropriate the recipe to create an entity called "Chaos". Yet, in antagonism, the two are inseparable from each other (black/white, life/death, light/darkness). If one lives without the other, they die! But the Void doesn't care! For as its name indicates, it embodies death. It hopes to break the cycle! Will it one day penetrate the mystery of knowledge?

Thus, it is a mission transmitted from "generation to generation," to preserve life! That's why the beings of belief were able, with their capabilities, to "cultivate" myths in the form of stories or instincts (transmitted in genes and the brain). Every living being on this planet; regardless of its mode of communication, has within it a hidden part of the recipe. The "Liforgs" multiplied and colonized the planet, becoming predatory beings

called the "Majoritaries". But through reproducing, cloning, and creating new species... Different cultures were created; based on the recipes bequeathed to them (Each piece of the recipe was dispersed among several cultures to avoid the "Void" taking control of "Life"). But one day, a small group of "Liforgs" decided to exile themselves as "Hermites" in other lands. Their cultural differences were such that living in the civilization of the "Majoritaries" was a mortal risk. "The vegetal recipe" was a forbidden precept by the "Majoritaries"! Because it endangered their conceptions of "organic recipes". The "Majoritary" population was only to adhere to their dogmas of "organic recipes". As if that was the only conception the "Forces" expected from them… They worshiped this concept and placed it above their own lives! The "Hermit" species were thus very marginalized by the "organic" disciples because their genetics predisposed them to vegetal matter and thought. Before leaving, they took with them a variant of the recipe, intended for vegetal creations. They kept it in a secret place, away from others so as not to be arrested.

This is where the new people of the "Treeseeds" were born. In their new colonies, they first learned to master the components of earth and water, the "liquid Force", etc. A water unknown to Earthlings because its molecules are extremely fertile for plants! The "Treeseeds" produced vegetal seeds. They expanded their territories and created very diverse variations of plants, flowers, and fungi. They all mutated and reproduced in their turn, as an evolutionary cycle. Some descendants of the "Treeseeds" called the "Ginb" (a species resembling insects) settled in, living with their communities. The "Treeseed" clan, after colonizing miles and miles of land, created their first borders with the "Liforgs"! To them, the "Treeseeds" had become an indigenous people and an inferior race! The "Treeseeds", to avoid any threat, created spiky and impassable plants, resistant to all elements of the planet. These plants migrated to the very edges of the border. Their people were safe from all threats! Other "Liforg" populations excluded from their groups, because they did not want to submit to the demands of the "majoritaries", heard of the vegetal customs! During a night (equivalent to 30 Earth hours), they fled. Some died and others resisted… (They were also species considered "inferior" and "marginal"…)

Their genetic varieties were different from all the species in evolution. After hours of migrating, they arrived at the border! The "Treepi", (plants that protect the border) having extremely developed sensoriality (practicing telepathy) immediately opened a path to the "Treeseeds" tribe. They had read in them the motivation that led them to immigrate to the vegetal village. They were now orphans, sullied and plundered by their former people… The "Treeseeds", being beings of extreme compassion, immediately tried to establish a communication adapted to their cults. An immediate coalition was formed! It is with the encounter of new peoples in Hermitage that the word "Forest" was born (As we know it on Earth. Ps: although it is different on this planet)!!! The intermingling of new peoples allowed the "Treeseeds" to create biodiversity! All these mixtures led the vegetal and organic people to create new harmonious planets! The recipe was completed to be much more enriched with knowledge! By restricting diversity and intermingling, the "Liforgs" of the "Majoritary" people collapsed!!! Their

sole belief in the "organic Force" created inbred species that went extinct and joined the "Void". The Void seized their original recipe. But all other parts of it dispersed elsewhere, where the "Void" cannot reach them.

In a small tribe that grew large, the "Treeseeds" over the years built a vast root where all diversity is welcomed!!! They watch over us, and the recipes are dispersed with each new being! For the recipe of life, it's us!!! The descendants of the "Treeseeds" continue to create new planets and impart knowledge to their new inhabitants, respecting their autonomy. The "Treeseeds" are not gods! Nor are the "Forces" and the "Void"!! Because each creation of these worlds is autonomous!!! There is no ruler, just creation!!!! "The worst enemy of peoples and life, the one whose absence is noted: 'It's the Void'!"

This collection goes back to the origin of "Extrarian" life. The scenes depicted from "Collection No. 10 and No. 11" allude to the mythology of "Liforgs" and "Treeseeds", to keep in memory those who created our autonomy and made us what we are! In these works, there is an incredible diversity of species, functioning in an infinite cycle! Before, I was a prince among the successors of the "Treeseeds"! I was brought to Earth because my planet was attacked by the "Void", but also, to give you the knowledge and culture of "Extrarian". Telling billions of years of "Extrarian" history is impossible! So, I hope that my successors will one day take over, to create even more new planets!

Eddie Louis Delvaux

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