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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

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Erica Hamilton

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Research has shown that students learn best when their teachers know and understand them. When there are strong student-teacher relationships in place, reading achievement improves. In the following project, teachers will be part of a yearlong mentorship program at their school to improve student-teacher relationships in their classrooms. Teachers that are struggling to build positive student-teacher relationships will be the mentees and they will be paired with staff members who have already established strong, positive relationships with their students and will act as their mentors. The program will have three main components: cultural competence training, community connection and classroom library development. Through a series of meetings and events, teachers will meet with families, experience the community, learn to teach to a more diverse classroom and create a classroom library that reflects the students in their classroom. Through this program, student-teacher relationships will be improved and students will have more success in their literacy achievement.