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The purpose of this study was to identify the parental perceptions of family stress, family life events, and coping strategies of a family whose child is hospitalized in the pediatric unit.

A descriptive correlational design with a non-probability convenience sample consisted of 30 parents or primary caretakers of a child who was hospitalized in pediatrics. Data was obtained with three instruments; 1) demographic questionnaire assessing current perceived stress of the family, 2) Family Inventory of Life Events (FILE); and 3) Family Crisis Oriented Personal Evaluation Scales (F-COPES).

Data analysis included three correlations between (a) pile-up and perceived family stress, (b) pile-up and family’s coping strategies, and (c) family’s perceived level of stress and their coping strategies. The only statistically significant finding was the relationship between pile-up and the families coping strategies. As the number of other stressors in the family (pile-up) increased, the ability for the family to utilize their coping strategies decreased.


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