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This contribution delineates the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) regional expertise and culture (REC) research landscape from 2005 through 2011, including major research efforts and topics of study, key contributors and publications, collaborative practices, and future research opportunities. Through interviews and survey responses, subject matter experts (SMEs) in REC research noted the need for better REC research coordination, more social science expertise and personnel, and greater collaborative practices. Key contributors to REC research across the DoD are located at AFCLC, ARI, ARL, AFRL, CAOCL, NAWCTSD, TRADOC, and the HSCB Modeling program. Opportunities for future research include: (1) Validation studies for 3C requirements; (2) Validation studies of REC training and education programs; (3) Role of technology in culture training; (4) Mitigating Cognitive Dissonance: Crossing the Culture Divide; (5) Navigating Culture During a High Stakes Mission; (6) Team cohesion in a multinational context.

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