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Psychological research into the influence of culture, intercultural interactions on different aspects of a person's life is still relevant. The presented research is devoted to identifying what values of what type of culture (traditional modern and dynamic according to J. Townsend) are shared by contemporary high school students aged 15-17 in Russia. Their own idea of values and how they represent the values of their immediate environment were studied. The measure of the coincidence of these ideas may indicate the state of cultural self-determination of high school students: they have their own values, different from the immediate environment, or, on the contrary, share the values of the immediate environment. The study revealed that the values of contemporary culture are the most popular among these young people. In general, the ideas of high school students about their values and the values of their inner circle coincide, since no significant differences have been revealed. Thus, the values of contemporary teenagers have been identified – the culture that allows them to be in harmony with themselves and their environment (society and nature).

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