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These IACCP Proceedings contain peer-reviewed academic papers of the XXV Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2020+. Additionally, they include links to recorded paper presentations as well as the abstracts.

(c) 2022, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Table of Contents

Volume I: Abstracts and Recordings

List of presented talks with links


Volume II: Selected Papers


Sidler, P. (2022)
Testing Concurrent Validity and Group-Differences of a Four-dimensional Assessment of Attitudes Toward Mutual AcculturationValues and (social) behavior

Panagiotopoulos, A., Giovanetti, I., & Pavlopoulos, V. (2022)
Adjustment of Refugees in Greece as a Social Identity Process: A Longitudinal Study

Kmiotek, Ł. (2022)
Linguistic Competence and Bicultural Identity: Mutually (Re)enforcing or Compensatory Mechanisms for Acculturation?Developmental Psychology

Values and (Social) Behavior

Mosoia, C. & Dincă (2022)
The Effect of Social Axioms on the Relationship Between Needs and Well-BeingHealth

Giovanetti, I., Dimopoulou, M.N., & Pavlopoulos, V. (2022)
What is Socially Responsible During a Pandemic? Exploring the Role of Values, Trust and Adherence to Covid-19 Preventive Measures With a Mixed-Methods Study on Italian and Greek Young People

Czakert, J. P., Reif, J. A. M., & Berger, R. (2022)
Leadership Behavior, Stress, and Presenteeism: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Moskvitina, O. A. (2022)
Representations of Young People Aged 15-17 About Their Cultural Orientations and the Cultural Orientations of Their Immediate Social Environment Methodology

Developmental Psychology

Kathuria, T., Kapadia, S. & Friedlmeier, W. (2022)
Links Between Maternal Emotion Socialization Goals and Practices in an Urban Indian Context

Oulahal, R. (2022)
The Proximal Zone of Intercultural Development (PZID)

Jiang, X. (2022)
How Collective Childcare Arrangements are Sustained in Rural China During Socioeconomic Transformation


Suzuki, K., Ishibashi, M., Suzuki, Y., & Nitta, F. (2022)
Issue of Multicultural People in Globalizing Japan: (Cultural) Identity, Mental Health and “Ibasho”

Holmberg, J. J., Augustine, L., Datta, S., & Imada, T. (2022)
Expatriate Adolescents’ Resilience: Risk and Protective Factors in the Third Culture Context

Roy, M. (2022)
The Role of Culture in Mental Illness Perspectives in the Quebec Population

Duthely, L. M., Villar-Loubet, O., Akurati, S., & Sanchez Covarrubiais, A. P. (2022)
A Cross Cultural Perspective of Adherence for Racial/Ethnic Minority Women with HIV, Living in the United States


Karl, J. A. & Fischer, R. (2022)
More Than Yes and No: Predicting the Magnitude of Non-Invariance Between Countries from Systematic Features

Social Behavior

Kawabata, T., Koizumi, Y., Xioping, L., & Chong, W. (2022)
A Comparison of Factors Affecting Verbal Aggression Between Japan and China: Emotion and Politeness

Xenophobia vs. Patriotism: Where is my Home? – Proceedings

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