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A peer-reviewed book based on presentations at the XXIII Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2016, Nagoya, Japan.

(c) 2018, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Table of Contents

Minoru Karasawa, Masaki Yuki, Keiko Ishii, Yukiko Uchida, Kosuke Sato, and
Wolfgang Friedlmeier

Alejandra del Carmen Domínguez Espinosa, Pedro Wolfgang Velasco Matus, Mariano Rosabal-Coto, Camelia Harb, Isabel Benitez Baena, Tania Acosta, Catalina Estrada, Carolina Barrios, and Fons J. R. van de Vijver
An Indigenous Measure of Social Desirability Across Non-Western Countries

Charis Eisen, Keiko Ishii, and Hidefumi Hitokoto
Socioeconomic Status, Reactions to Choice Deprivation in Group Contexts, and the Role of Perceived Restrictions on Personal Freedom

Justine Dandy, Tahereh Ziaian, and Carolyn Moylan
‘Team Australia?’: Understanding Acculturation From Multiple Perspectives

Eugene Teng and Chan-Hoong Leong
Localised Differences in the Conception of Cultural and Economic Security: Examining the Multiculturalism Hypothesis in Singapore

Shabana Bano, R. C. Mishra and R. C. Tripathi
Mutual Perception and Relational Strategies of Hindus and Muslims in India

Simran Vazirani, Carmen Carmona, Jose Vidal, Nerea Hernaiz-Agreda, Inmaculada López-Francés, and María Jesús Benlloch-Sanchis
International Students’ Integration in Classroom: Strategies and Support by Teachers and Local Students in Higher Education

Sawa Senzaki, Michelle McChesney, Annemarie Schwery, and Taylor Steele
Teaching Cultural Competence: A Comparison of Outcomes Between In-Class and Study Abroad Programs

Sofía Rivera-Aragón, Rolando Díaz-Loving, Claudia Ivethe Jaen-Cortés, Gerardo Benjamín Tonatiuh Villanueva-Orozco, Pedro Wolfgang Velasco-Matus, Luz Maria Cruz-Martínez, and Angélica Romero-Palencia
Mexicans’ Emotion Regulation Strategies and Relationship Satisfaction by Gender

Sharon M. Flicker and Loan T. T Bui
Cross-Cultural Differences in Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Understandings of Forgiveness

Kseniya Fomichova and Taku Misonou
Who Cares? Attitudes of High School Students From Various Countries Towards Global and Domestic Environmental Issues

Rajnish Chandra Tripathi
Effects of Yoga Nidra on Physical and Psychological Health

Łukasz K. Kmiotek, Joanna M. Kwiatowska, and Paweł Boski
Polish-French Bilingualism and Bicultural Identity: Cross-Cultural Studies on Immigrants in France and Belgium, and French Language Students in Poland

Lunthita M. Duthely, Harashita Y. Sunaoshi, and Olga M. Villar-Loubet
Book: Venture into a New Realm of Cross-Cultural Psychology Meditation, Mantric Poetry, and Well-being: A Qualitative, Cross-Cultural, Cross-Disciplinary Exploration with American Secondary and Japanese Post-Secondary Adolescents

L. H.K. Fente and Susan T. Fiske
Ethnic Identity and Ethnic Organizations: The Role of Self-Construal in the Psychological Well-Being of Migrants

Sachiko Nakano and Tomoko Tanaka
The Implications of Social Skills on the Formation of Relationships Between Indonesian Muslims and Japanese

Andrea D. Haugen, Stacey M. Rieck, Phia S. Salter, Sahana Mukherjee, and Michael J. Perez
Theorizing the Relationship Between Identity and Diversity Engagement: Openness Through Identity Mismatch

Venture into Cross-Cultural Psychology

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