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Selected Papers from the Sixteenth International Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2002, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

(c) 2004, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Table of Contents

Deborah L. Best
Robber's Cave Revisited: Lessons for Cross-Cultural Psychology

Fuad Hassan
Cultural Diversity and the Prospect of Peacebuilding Through Sharing a We-World

Holly Arrow and Norman D. Sundberg
International Identity: Definitions, Development, and Some Implications for Global Conflict and Peace

Saparinah Sadli
Women and Peacebuilding in a Multicultural Society

John G. Adair and William Gabrenya
Research and Reflections on Indigenous Psychologies

Sang-Chin Choi and Uichol Kim
Emotional Attachment as the Basis of Trust and Interpersonal Relationship: Psychological, Indigenous, and Cultural Analysis

John G. Adair
On the Indigenization and Autochthonization of the Discipline of Psychology

William K. Gabrenya, Jr.
A Sociology of Science Approach to Understanding Indigenous Psychologies

Neharika Vohra
The Indigenization of Psychology in India: Its Unique Form and Progress

Kwang-Kuo Hwang
The Epistemological Goal of Indigenous Psychology: The Perspective of Constructive Realism

Ype H. Poortinga
Is Cultural Imposition Less of an Issue with Indigenous Psychologies?

Bernadette N. Setiadi
Basic Processes and Methodology Introduction

Ramesh C. Mishra and Pierre R. Dasen
The Influence of Schooling of Cognitive Development: A Review of Research in India

Pierre R. Dasen, Ramesh Mishra, and Shanta Niraula
The Influence of Schooling on Cognitive Development: Spatial Language, Encoding and Concept Development in India and Nepal

Anne-Wil Harzing
Does Language Influence Response Styles? A Test of the Cultural Accommodation Hypothesis in Fourteen Countries

Eric Santosa
Canonical Speech-Act Sequences in Complex Problem Solving Activities: An Illustration with German and Indonesian Work-Group Discussions

Julia Suleeman Chandra
Notions of Critical Thinking in Javanese, Batak Toba and Minangkabau Culture

Canada and the UK, J Rees Lewis and Helga Dittmar
Planned Purchases and Personal Amulets: Representations of Two Material Possessions in Japan

Samar Zebian
Influences of Cultural Artifacts and Social Practices on Number Conceptualization in Adults: Experimental and Ethnographic Approaches to Everyday Numeric Cognition

Bernadette N. Setiadi
Family and Human Development Introduction

Tiia Tulviste
Mothers' Conversational Styles Across Cultures: The Cases of Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and the U.S.

Beate Schwarz, Gisela Trommsdorff, and Pradeep Chakkarath
Adult Mother-Daughter Relationships in Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, and Germany

Hildegard Wenzler-Cremer
Chances and Challenges of Bicultural Socialization - Interviews with Young Women from German-Indonesian Families

Gang Zheng, Yanfang Liu, Hong Tang, and Shaohua Shi
Family Planning and the Value of Children in China

Jas Jaafar, Pit Kolodinsky, Sherri McCarthy, and Vincent Schroder
The Impact of Cultural Norms and Values on the Moral Judgment of Malay and American Adolescents: A Brief Report

Klaus Boehnke, Anna-Katharina Pelkner, and Jenny Kurman
On the Interrelation of Peer Climate and School Performance in Mathematics: A German-Canadian-Israeli Comparison of 14-Year-Old School Students

Bernadette N. Setiadi
Personality and Social Introduction

Edgar W. Klinger, Nandita Chaudhary, and Sujata Sriran
Relations Between Social Axioms and Values: Findings from Germany and India

Pawel Boski, Katarzyna Strus, and Ewa Tlaga
Cultural Identity, Existential Anxiety and Traditionalism

Renuka Sethi, Dustin J. Foster, and Deborah L. Best
The Self-Concepts and Sex Role Ideologies of Ukrainian University Students

Colleen Ward and Anne-Marie Masgoret
Cultural Identification, Contact, and Psychological Adaptation: Examining the Functional Role of Loneliness in Predicting Sojourner Depression

Nadezhda Lebedva and Alexander Tatarko
Socio-Psychological Factors of Ethnic Intolerance in Russia's Multicultural Regions

Magdalena S. Halim, J J. L. Derksen, and C P. F. van der Staak
Development of the Revised-Neo Personality Inventory for Indonesia: A Preliminary Study

Bernadette N. Setiadi
Industrial/Organizational Perspectives Introduction

Anjali Ghosh
Individualist and Collectivist Orientations Across Occupational Groups

Hana Panggabean
Characteristics of Indonesian Intercultural Sensitivity in Multicultural and International Work Groups

Arvind K. Sinha and Sumita Rai
Transformational Leadership, Competencies, Self-Control, and Performance as a Function of Perceived Organizational Culture in Service Organizations

Maria Cristina Ferreira, Eveline Maria Leal Assmar, Katia Maria Felipe Estol, Maria Cristina da Costa Chagas Helena, and Mari do Carmo de Figueiredo Cisne
Organizational Culture in Brazilian Public and Private Companies

Benedicta Prihatin Dwi Riyanti
Factors Influencing the Success of Small-Scale Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Ongoing Themes in Psychology and Culture

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