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Sharon Murchie teaches English at Bath High School in Bath, Michigan and is a teacher consultant for Red Cedar Writing Project and Chippewa River Writing Project. She earned her Doctorate in Educational Technology in 2019 and is driven to promote and support critical thinking, advocating for the integration of technology in thoughtful and deliberate ways. In her presentations at the local level and at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), she has focused on both the technology-rich research and writing opportunities that she provides for her students, as well as on the First Amendment limitations that exist for public school teachers as they write and advocate for social and political change. She blogs personally at mandatoryamusings.blogspot.com and professionally at sharonmurchie.wordpress.com.


How do we write as political activists while also working as public servants? Do we have freedom of speech as public school teachers? Can—and should—our writing and our speech be censored? How can we write and work for social and political change, when we are charged with remaining apolitical in the classroom? This article outlines the limitations on teachers’ First Amendment Rights and is both a call to action and a call to caution.

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