hiring, inclusive hiring practices, candidates, interviews, empathy, job searches, systemic bias, communications, whiteness, empathy, respect, feedback


Library and Information Science


This presentation will explore perspectives on inclusive hiring practices from both sides of the table. The library's first diversity residency search and subsequent faculty searches integrated inclusive recruitment and high-empathy hiring practices. The diversity residency search committee chair, one of the successful residency candidates, and a tenure-track faculty hired using the new approach team up to dissect the hiring process from their perspectives. They will discuss the work behind critically examining the existing hiring process, designing an inclusive recruitment plan, and implementing a new structure in order to ensure empathy to applicants going through the process. They will then discuss the impact of inclusive hiring on perceptions of the work environment, satisfaction with the search, and overall experience of the hiring process. They will also provide practical tips and tools to explore your local hiring practices in order to center empathy as a way to advance inclusive and equitable processes. Participants will understand inclusive hiring search practices as well as the impact on candidates of hiring search processes and be able to identify areas to improve local hiring search practices.


This presentation was given at the 2023 ACRL Conference.