About This Journal

The Seidman Business Review provides an annual look at regional economics and business and management issues, serves to update the business community’s understanding of the practical dimensions of business and management, and publishes information on issues relevant to West Michigan businesses, households and other public and private organizations. Each issue includes an in-depth analysis of key economic indicators for West Michigan as well as economic and real estate forecasts and outlooks for the upcoming year. Additionally, each issue contains commentaries, articles and essays on current issues, trends and problems relevant to the business community of Western Michigan.

Past issues have included articles on:

  • Hispanic-owned Businesses in West Michigan
  • Weaknesses in Grand Rapids Housing Prices
  • Education and the Economy: The Challenge for West Michigan
  • Accommodating Disabilities in Grand Rapids
  • Religion in the Workplace: New Perspectives and Laws
  • Health Savings Accounts: A New Approach to Control Rising Health Insurance Premiums
  • Gender Differences in Political Engagement Among the Youth

The articles are always relevant, enlightening, compelling and useful for West Michigan businesses and reflect the collective expertise and experience of the Seidman College of Business.