Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2 (2019) Cultural Touchstones

Cultural Touchstones

The theme for the new issue of Cinesthesia is Cultural Touchstones. Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation is examined in relationship to auteur theory, and a semiotic analysis of Alfred Hitchcock's Young and Innocent discusses the film’s signs and symbols as a method of interpretation. Essays discussing Chinese and Chilean film history provide an international perspective on film as a cultural cornerstone around the globe.

Authors for this issue include writers from Grand Valley State University as well as the University of Western Australia. Cover art designed and created by Sarah Wollensak. Click here for her portfolio.


Winter 2019 Editorial Board

Kyle Macciomei
Aaron Ponce
Sally Hoerr
Jake Twa
Tim Hagler
Rachael McCollum
Brittany Moody
Faculty Advisors
Toni Perrine
Spencer Everhart