Volume 4, Issue 1 (2014)

As this issue’s editor-in-chief, I am pleased to present the theses of two members from our editorial board. In addition to their previous written contributions, Travis Wheeler and Jake Bart have since worked on the maintenance and publication of the journal. They will both serve as chief editors of the next issue. I believe readers will greatly enjoy the effort and achievement represented by their respective studies of Tarkovsky and Spielberg.

Also featured in this issue are two excellent analyses of very different films. Ryan Copping demonstrates the unanticipated thematic elements of Selwyn’s lesser-known Men Must Fight (1933), and Anna Bowles expounds on the ideological implications of Frances Ha (Baumbach, 2012) for the millennial generation.

Thanks for reading.



Travis Blake, Grand Valley State University
Editorial Board
Travis Wheeler, Grand Valley State University
Jake Bart, Grand Valley State University
Faculty Advisor
Toni Perrine, Grand Valley State University