Volume 9, Issue 1 (2018)


For this new issue of Cinesthesia, a theme of obsession permeates the four articles chosen for publication. Each article discusses a different aspect of personal obsessions, with insights drawn from the films in question to determine how this human condition affects each story. In this issue, the films -Spotlight (2017), -There Will Be Blood (2008), -The Conversation (1974), and -Love Simon (2018) are all analyzed for deeper meaning. Whether the obsession be rooted in capitalistic greed, paranoia about the unknown, a fandom's ties with its source material, or even with uncovering the truth, the treatment of this theme asks readers to understand the various ways the medium of film expresses this profoundly human condition.

This issue of Cinesthesia features work from national and international sources, with authors from the University of Notre Dame as well as Brigham Young University represented.


Fall 2018 Editorial Board

Kyle Macciomei
Jake Twa
Sally Hoerr
Brittany Moody
Aaron Ponce
Rachael McCollum
Faculty Advisor
Toni Perrine