Book or Materials Reviews

Book or Materials Reviews are short reviews of recently published (in the last three years) books or materials (including textbooks, software, and audio materials).

Word Range: 800-1000 words

Sections Needed:

  • Brief (50 words or so), interest grabbing opening paragraph with an opinion or salient feature about the book/materials.
  • Brief description/summary of the material(s), including its intended audience.
  • A description of the students with who you used the materials (if relevant).
  • The strengths of the materials.
  • The weaknesses of the materials and how those might be remedied.
  • Comparison to other texts (if relevant).
  • References to research to help explain the author’s approach or purpose or to support your analysis of the text (only a few, though).

Additional Formatting Guidelines for Submission Information for Book/Material Reviews:

Format as required for all MITESOL Journal submissions; however, instead of an abstract, include the following information on the cover page:

  • Complete title of the book/material reviewed (with edition number).
  • Complete names of all authors of the materials reviewed
  • Publisher, publisher’s city and state, date of publication.

Example of Book/Materials Review Vecchio, L. (2017). Empowering teachers with the tools of linguistics. [Review of the book Applying Linguistics in the Classroom: A Sociocultural Approach, by A. Razfar & J.C. Rumenapp]. MITESOL Journal: An Online Publication of MITESOL 1(1), 1-5. http://scholarworks.gvsu.edu/mitesol/vol1/iss1/1