The need for social emotional learning (SEL) in schools has never been higher. Yet, teachers need strategic support and training in order to integrate SEL into academic instruction. The literacy classroom provides a perfect venue for SEL integration with strong continuity and overlap between SEL dimensions and literacy standards. In this article, the authors explore how one high leverage literacy practice, the interactive read aloud, can be strategically adapted to intentionally target those SEL skills. The authors provide multiple examples and resources to guide teacher teams to reflect upon and prepare their own interactive read alouds to foster SEL goals aligned to larger school initiatives or as part of their own work of more intentionally fostering SEL in the literacy classroom.

Author Bio

Lindsay Stoetzel, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Studies at Grand Valley State University. She is interested in preservice and practicing teacher learning and development. She can be reached at stoetzli@gvsu. edu.

Kelly Vigants, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at Ferris State University. She is interested in neurodiversity, trauma-informed teaching practices, and family engagement. She can be reached at kellyvigants@ferris.edu.



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