The purpose of this paper is to share the benefits of using diverse picture books, selection recommendations for teachers, and provide a sample of how to review both the illustrations and text of the diverse picture books: “A Gift From Abuela” by Cecilia Ruiz and “Tía Fortuna’s New Home: A Jewish Cuban Journey” by Ruth Behar.

Author Bio

Amy Davisis an assistant professor at Eastern Illinois University in the department of Teaching, Learning, and Foundations. Her specialty is elementary literacy and English as a Second Language. Before finishing her Ph.D. at Kansas State University in 2018, Dr. Davis spent nine years as both a 4th and 5th grade classroom and English as a Second Language teacher and two years as an ESL Learning Coach for Wichita’s United School District 259. During her time at KSU, she worked with English teachers from Mexico, Ecuador, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Davis is fascinated by children’s acquisition of a second language and their transition from listening and speaking to reading and writing. Her research includes the use of student-generated artifacts to develop and promote expressive language and reading/listening comprehension. She can be reached at addavis7@eiu.edu.



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