This article investigates different interventions that can support multilingual learners with their reading comprehension needs. It aims to provide kindergarten through 5th grade teachers with evidence-based practices that may support reading comprehension outcomes for multilingual learners. These practices employ different practical strategies teachers can implement in their daily reading and writing routines to support multilingual and monolingual students with reading difficulties which may support their reading comprehension skills. This article emphasizes the needs of strategy development in reading comprehension so multilingual learners can employ these practices independently, over time. Strategies include explicit instruction of predictions, summaries and questioning, developing empathy skills through journaling, role play and reflective writing, and using specific graphic organizer of four main categories.

Author Bio

Pamella (Pam) Moura is a doctoral student in special education at Michigan State University, specializing in assessments for bilingual and multilingual learners in special education qualification and the impact of special education policies on these decisions. Her current research focuses on translanguaging practices in the classroom to support students’ academic vocabulary development. Prior to her doctoral studies, Pam served as an elementary special education teacher and administrator in Muskegon and Detroit, MI. She also worked as a high school learning specialist and administrator in Chicago, IL. Pam is passionate about improving educational outcomes for neurodivergent and multilingual learners and is dedicated to bridging research, policy and practice in special education. She can be reached at mouralam@msu.edu.



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