Literacy practices involving children’s literature, such as interactive read-alouds, are one way to integrate transformative SEL and literacy to simultaneously support children’s academic and social-emotional education goals. While there is plenty of evidence that supports social-emotional learning (SEL) and literacy integration, more research is needed to explore approaches that integrate transformative SEL aimed at fostering more equitable learning enviornments and providing suggestions for teachers to replicate this type of instruction in their own classrooms. In this article, I describe my researcher-practitioner collaboration with a fifth-grade teacher to design a justice-oriented approach to integrate SEL and literacy called Read Alouds for Social Emotional Learning (RASEL). The purpose of this article is to provide elementary teachers with suggestions to simultaneously support their students’ literacy and social-emotional development within their current interactive read-alouds in their own classrooms based on our experiences implementing the RASEL in the fall of 2022.

Author Bio

Allison Phillippe is a PhD Candidate at Michigan State University. She is a former fourth-grade teacher and is interested in collaborating with elementary teachers to explore justice-oriented approaches to integrate transformative SEL and literacy with interactive read-alouds. She can be reached at phill911@msu.edu.



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