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Understanding a discipline requires a fundamental understanding of its concepts, theories, and terminology. Critical to academic success, these are often assumed to be widely understood by students.

The students of Graphic Design V, fall 2020, created a poster to help students understand one of the ACRL Framework’s concepts, searching as strategic exploration. The bold, eye-catching informational poster, used both in and outside of the Library, promotes learning through an innovative design created by students for students.

Publication Date



Grand Valley State University Libraries


Allendale, MI


Information literacy, graphic design


Graphic Design | Information Literacy | Library and Information Science


Additional designs created by:
Justin Allen and Bailey Verschoof
Taylor Ayers and McKenna Sgroi
Emerson Baumgardner and Lilah Parker
Erica Klass and Megan Wencel
Mariah Lucas and Spencer Lucas
Michelle Than and Sarah Wollensak

Poster Copy written by:
Elaina Smith
Jessica Barnard
Rachel Matuszewski
Dawson Heath
Hannah Kelly

Learn the Terms: A Visual Glossary, 2020 Edition