Key Points

This article identifies and explores a set of philanthropic priorities and aspirations that are widely shared by grantmakers today, and examines how the notion of shared values might inspire a fieldwide pursuit of more consistent, effective, values-driven grantmaking practices.

To study the relationship between grantmaker values and grantmaking practices, a survey of more than 300 organization members of PEAK Grantmaking, a national association of specialists in grants management, asked how the respondent foundations’ values influence their work. The results of the survey not only provided an overview of common values, but also captured reports from grantmakers on how their organizations are actively putting their values into practice.

The research led to four recommendations for grantmakers: articulate organization values; find common ground with others around shared values; identify the most effective values-driven grantmaking practices; and pursue those practices to the benefit of grantmakers and grant seekers alike.

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