Key Points

Philanthropy has historically been an avenue for citizens to pursue positive social change, yet little is known about what foundations are doing to foster economic security for women. This article seeks to help bridge this gap between theory and practice through an examination of one type of philanthropic organization — women’s grantmaking funds.

Focusing on the work of Prosperity Together, a coalition of 30 of women’s grantmaking funds dedicated to advancing women’s economic security, this article explores what the funds are doing to support this work. It draws on data from a landscape scan of the coalition’s members as well as interviews with a sample of leaders from member funds.

This article also seeks to contribute to the development of a framework for advancing women’s economic security that draws on the extent to which the work women’s funds are doing aligns with research recommendations. This framework also may provide useful insights for donors, practitioners, and other nonprofits looking to engage in philanthropic efforts to advance the economic well-being of women.

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