Key Points

· Transforming Michigan Philanthropy Through Diversity & Inclusion (TMP) is a six-year research and development effort of the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF). A unique experiment, TMP is the only statewide, comprehensive effort to promote diversity and inclusiveness among foundations in the country.

· Organizational excellence through diversity and inclusion requires an organization to find a goal that resonates with its stakeholders and then create collaborative communities that focus on achieving that goal. This strategy positions an organization to use the full diversity of those stakeholders for tasks such as problem-solving, innovation, quality initiatives, and the acquisition of resources.

· Diversity and inclusion work is hard, and it’s not enough to have a vision. The real challenge for organizational members is translating the vision into action. This requires a change in practices and policies to support a shift in the mindset and behavior of organizational members.

· A build-through-doing approach on diversity and inclusion entails learning, doing and reflecting as practices are implemented. For this approach to work, organizations have to be willing to experiment and create psychologically safe spaces for the learning to occur.

· Thus far, for the Council of Michigan Foundations bridge-building work for diversity and inclusion has involved recognizing the inherent risks; engaging champions, experts, allies, and colleagues as partners and supporters; and having the monetary resources and dedicated staff needed to carry the work forward.

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