Key Points

· Since 2009, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has invested over $100 million to foster racial healing and eliminate policies, practices, attitudes, and cultural messages that reinforce differing outcomes by race.

· Health Through Action represented an unprecedented level of investment targeting AA and NHPIs. Embedded within the WKKF racial equity portfolio, it was the first time a private-sector foundation joined forces with a national AA and NHPI organization to acknowledge and address health disparities facing this population.

· HTA provided direct grants to seven AA and NHPI collaboratives and 11 AA and NHPI anchor organizations around the country to advance programmatic and advocacy health equity goals. Beyond these core grants, APIAHF flexibly directed additional resources toward a gamut of support that included national or regional trainings; customized technical assistance, tools and resources; and informal advice and coaching.

· Just four years later HTA partners were reporting meaningful progress toward increased community capacity to address AA and NHPI health disparities, with a couple of grantees rating gains made over the past four years as starting to “transform” local systems of care for AA and NHPIs.

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