Key Points

This article explores the origins and structure of the Philanthropic Collaborative for a Healthy Georgia and examines its first initiative: to encourage the development of school health programs in Georgia public schools serving low-income children without access to health services.

Over the last decade, the collaborative has brought together more than 20 private, community, and corporate foundations to respond to the state's health-related challenges. One of its objectives is to provide a structured learning framework that enables foundations to be more informed and effective in their own grantmaking.

The collaborative also pursues opportunities for foundations to collectively fund strategic initiatives jointly identified in the learning process. These collectively funded initiatives often involve cross-sector collaboration with state agencies to further align resources and scale the potential scope of impact. · The founders viewed the collaborative as an experiment to test the feasibility of pooled funding to support health initiatives in partnership with the public sector. The collaborative's evolution over a decade demonstrates lessons in trust, flexibility, and shared vision that may be relevant to others exploring pooled funding as a means of aligning resources to achieve greater impact.

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