Submissions from 2004

Creston Corridor Initative (CCI), Darrin Bamm, Eric Maino, and Jason VanderMeer

An OSPF Neighbor Simulator, Denton Bobeldyk

Distributed Systems and the Power of XML, Denton Bobeldyk, Matt Bezon, and Ammar Rashid

Mobile IT Matters: The Business Advantage of Going Mobile, Steve Conover, Brian Driesenga, and Jim Glanzman

Metal Portal, Bill Day

The Outsourcing Equation: Is IT a Strategic Asset?, Damian Dobosz, James George, and Matthew Heusser

Plant Metrics Reporting Utilizing the Microsoft .Net Framework, Joseph Farrand

A Phonebook Application Demonstrating Active Replication using Java and Mysql, Scott Ford

Enterprise Application Integration: IT Integrates Business, Bapi Goluguri

Natural Solutions to Complex, Steve Korecki

Does Open Source Development Produce Secure Applications? A Focus on Mozilla and Firefox Projects, Quan Le, Bryan Ross, and Steve Whitcomb

Planned Parenthood, Wendee Nelson, Darious Naylor, and Kurt Rowland

Improving IT Values with Six Sigma, Phillip Nguyen, Ammar Rashid, and Shrikkanth Parthasarathy

Web-Based eShopping Application, Bharathi Prapullachandra

Determination of Effective Non-preemptive Load Balancing Policies, Murali Rajagopalan

Detecting Feature Interactions in Requirement Specifications, Rick Rummelt

An Integrated Set of Tools for Reducing the Cost and Complexity, David Start

A BarterBoard System Implementation using .NET, Yuan Tian

Applying the Visitor Pattern to the DOM API, Daniel Williams