Submissions from 2006


Generating a Jump Distance Based Synthetic Disk Access Pattern, Dr. Zachary Kurmas

A Database-Based Engine to Execute Time-Enabled Event Driven Petri Nets, Andrew G. Lewis


Web-based Dynamic Database Creation, Andrew G. McGuckin

Web-Based Test Review System: Guidelines and Best Practices for Program Assessment., Christine K. Mwanyika

Building Composite Web Services Using BPEL, Jaweed I. Niyamathullah


Web-Based User Interface Guidelines and Best Practices for Program Assessment, Claudia Pedreros-Oviedo

A Database-Based Engine to Execute Event Driven Petri Nets with n-Connected Threads, Daniel M. Renne


TL1 Agent/Node Walker, David W. Sisson

Teaching High Performance Computing in a High School Classroom, Joseph Smith

An Exemplary Object-Oriented Implementation and Testing of a Calendar Problem, Bethwel Tanui


Distributing Jump Distances in a Synthetic Disc Array Workload, Jeremy Zito

Submissions from 2005

Web Services on Wireless Device, Saif Alsabbagh, Scott Andersen

An implementation of a Heuristic for the Orthogonal Art Gallery Problem, George Antoniou

Reverse Tree Clustering, Casey Bartman, Mark Brouwer, and Christopher Rysko

Exploring Web Services, Sheela Rani Bharadwaj

Protein Structure Simulation Using Robotic Techniques, Eric Bracey

How Can Traditional Software Engineering Users Benefit From Implementing OSS Practices?, Anita Cassetta, Shari Meyer, and Clinton Vilcans

Distributed FTP Middleware, Murugan Andezuthu Dharmaratnam

Enhancing Object Oriented Patterns Using Aspect Oriented Programming, Ghysels Donald and Karthika Reddy Madadi

Impact Analysis using Decision-to-Decision Paths, Fred Farleigh

Direct Audio Playback (DAP), Richard Haadsma

Mobile Agent / Web Services, Aisha Khurshid

Implementation of Voronoi Using UPC, Marikanna Narayanan Marikanna Narayanan

Database Schema Representation and Conversion Using XML, Nirmita Muzumdar

SDG: A Flexible Synthetic-Databases-Generator, Rajesh Nagpal

Cross-Platform Computing with XML Web Services, Eric Rybarczyk

Queue- Monitor, Support and Administration Tool (Q-MSAT), Tabrez Sait


A Web-Based Enhancement to the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP), Curtis Stienstra

Flexible New Interface Created using J2EE Technology, Jocelyn Stronstad

An Interactive GUI Client-Server Application, Lisa Zenk

Submissions from 2004

Creston Corridor Initative (CCI), Darrin Bamm, Eric Maino, and Jason VanderMeer

An OSPF Neighbor Simulator, Denton Bobeldyk

Distributed Systems and the Power of XML, Denton Bobeldyk, Matt Bezon, and Ammar Rashid

Mobile IT Matters: The Business Advantage of Going Mobile, Steve Conover, Brian Driesenga, and Jim Glanzman

Metal Portal, Bill Day

The Outsourcing Equation: Is IT a Strategic Asset?, Damian Dobosz, James George, and Matthew Heusser

Plant Metrics Reporting Utilizing the Microsoft .Net Framework, Joseph Farrand

A Phonebook Application Demonstrating Active Replication using Java and Mysql, Scott Ford

Enterprise Application Integration: IT Integrates Business, Bapi Goluguri

Natural Solutions to Complex, Steve Korecki

Does Open Source Development Produce Secure Applications? A Focus on Mozilla and Firefox Projects, Quan Le, Bryan Ross, and Steve Whitcomb

Planned Parenthood, Wendee Nelson, Darious Naylor, and Kurt Rowland

Improving IT Values with Six Sigma, Phillip Nguyen, Ammar Rashid, and Shrikkanth Parthasarathy

Web-Based eShopping Application, Bharathi Prapullachandra

Determination of Effective Non-preemptive Load Balancing Policies, Murali Rajagopalan

Detecting Feature Interactions in Requirement Specifications, Rick Rummelt

An Integrated Set of Tools for Reducing the Cost and Complexity, David Start

A BarterBoard System Implementation using .NET, Yuan Tian

Applying the Visitor Pattern to the DOM API, Daniel Williams

Submissions from 2003

Justification and Considerations in Profiling Automated Testing in Software Maintenance Organizations for E Type Systems, Patrick M. Bailey

Java's Role in Web Development, Darcel Barnes

The HOSTS Program: -A Bridge from Academics to Industry, Stuart Berman


The Patriot Act - An Impact Analysis, Carol Capek, Sam Gustafson, Jason Kadzban, and Donalyn Sandborn

An MVC Application, Milind Gokhale

An Exploration into Digital Ink Capabilities and the Tablet PC, Bill Miller

How does the use of Extreme Programming in the second required computer science course, CSII, affect undergraduate students' performance?, Ken Radlick

A Distributed Street Traffic Simulator, Ben Schafer

Scan on Demand, Anthony Yates

Submissions from 2002

Justification and Considerations in Profiling Automated Testing in Software Maintenance Organizations for E Type Systems, Patrick Bailey

A Flexible Communication Framework: Implementing a Camera Controller for Skydiving, Tim Bochenek

POP3 Troubleshooter, Chris Burnham


Has the Object-Oriented Paradigm Kept Its Promise?, David Fernandez, Al Fischer, Michael Greco, Bradly Hussey, Steven Kuchta, Hong Li, Steven Overkamp, Douglas Rodenberger, and Richard VanderWal

Wireless Handheld Computers: The Next Generation in Industrial Computing, Kevin Hykin

Effective Diagramming Techniques, Ralph Palmer

Load Balancing policies and their Effectiveness, Murali Rajagopalan

Product Configuration System: A Product Configuration Solution to Mass Customization for Large-sized Engineering Companies, Angela Richards