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Dr. Erica R. Hamilton is a former K-12 teacher and currently an Associate Professor in the College of Education at Grand Valley State University. She is committed to supporting K-12 students’ learning through providing relevant, research-based, and hands-on inservice teacher professional development. Her research interests include teacher professional development, preservice teacher education, and place-based education. Dr. Hamilton earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy from Michigan State University. She can be reached at hamilter@gvsu.edu.

Annie Hammill is passionate about supporting students’ learning and challenging her own growth and development as a teacher. Annie currently teaches 3rd grade at Meadowlawn Elementary in Kentwood Public Schools. As a result of participating in learning labs, she is committed to pushing students to think deeply about what they’re learning and why. She also holds an M.A. degree in Literacy Studies from GVSU with an emphasis on elementary reading. She can be reached at Ann. Hammill@kentwoodps.org.

Whitney B. Moore currently teaches 2nd grade in East Grand Rapids Public Schools, where she actively seeks to support her students’ academic and personal growth and development. Drawing on her experiences with learning labs, Whitney believes in the model’s power to support reflective practice and help teachers identify their students’ learning needs. A committed reader, writer, and leaner, Whitney recently graduated from GVSU with an M.A. degree in Literacy Studies where she focused on elementary reading. She can be reached at wmoore@egrps.org.

As an elementary and middle school educator, Ashley M. Mosley seeks out ways to motivate and creatively engage her students’ learning and development. As a result of participating in learning labs, she now actively incorporates productive student talk with her students to support their literacy development and eliciting and supporting students’ critical thinking skills. Ashley holds an M.A. degree from GVSU in Literacy Studies, with an emphasis on elementary reading. She can be reached at ashley.mosley@csredhawks.org.


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