The first year of my teaching career ended with the following advice from the building administrator who had served as my evaluator: “During your first year, you will learn more than your students. In your second year, it might be an equal balance between what you learn and what they learn. By the end of your third year, your students will finally learn more than you.” As much as I love learning and I’ve enjoyed my growth as an educator, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the end of my third year so I could see if the advice I had been given proved true. To hopefully have found my teaching “groove”. Instead of ending my third year in my classroom with my students, the year is ending with me posting assignments online and hosting weekly video calls from the sofa in my makeshift classroom.

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Chelsea Berg is a teacher at H.H. Dow High School in Midland, MI. She focuses her work on finding innovative ways to get students writing and emphasizing the importance of choice reading in the classroom. She can be reached at bergca1@midlandps.org.

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