This article aims to explore the complexity of instruction in secondary English Language Arts (ELA) classes, addressing the role of teacher identity, educator preparation programs, equity and access, and the role of the Essential Instructional Practices for Disciplinary Literacy in the Secondary Classroom. We suggest that there is a possibility to attend to both teaching literature and literacy within middle- and high-school ELA classrooms and provide a vision for working toward this balance.

Author Bio

Ms. Jenelle Williams is a Literacy Consultant at Oakland Intermediate School District (Oakland Schools). She is interested in adolescent literacy, disciplinary literacy, and culturally sustaining practices. She can be reached at jenelle.williams@oakland.k12.mi.us.

Dr. Laura Gabrion is a Literacy Consultant at Wayne Regional Educational Service Agency. She is interested in disciplinary literacy pedagogy, writing self-efficacy research and application, and integrating technology to enhance instruction. She can be reached at gabriol@resa.net.



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