This study inquires into pre-service teachers’ teaching experiences within a virtual tutoring practicum in a literacy methods course. Using Woods’ (2018) model of Socially Just Literacy Pedagogy, we approach the research question: What are undergraduate pre-service teachers’ experiences in virtual tutoring that align with socially just literacy teaching? Drawing from interviews, we engaged in Narrative Inquiry as a way to highlight participants’ experiences while providing us rich contextual, temporal, and social understandings of their experiences that move towards socially just literacy teaching. Our findings suggest socially just literacy teaching practices along the dimensions of knowledge and skills in literacy pedagogy, different forms of virtual support for student well-being, and development of literate citizenship through mindful communication. Findings also revealed the affective and technological dimensions as additional considerations for promoting socially just teaching in virtual spaces.

Author Bio

Dr. Elizabeth Isidro is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Studies at Western Michigan University. She is interested in socially just literacy teacher preparation, multiliteracies pedagogy, and disciplinary literacy teaching. She may be reached at elizabeth.isidro@wmich. edu.

Dr. Laura Teichert is an Assistant Professor at Western Michigan University. She is interested in early and elementary literacy; digital literacy in home, school, and community contexts; and teacher education. She can be reached at laura.teichert@wmich.edu.



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