While there are thousands of nonfiction children’s books published annually, only a handful are biographies or autobiographies about Black Americans in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts or mathematics as well as written and/or illustrated by a member of the group. This article highlights biographies and autobiographies that include the stories of many well-known plus less-known individuals who have made impressive contributions to our nation and the world in STEAM fields. Books that showcase people from the past along with contemporary persons across various occupations, careers, and positions. Literature to learn from and celebrate diverse perspectives as teachers, parents, librarians and others work to promote social justice and the appreciation of all Americans’ contributions to STEAM.

Author Bio

Dr. Jonella Mongo is a literacy consultant for nonprofits and community organizations that support children and families in southeastern Michigan. Her interests include African American children’s literature, early writing development, and engaging families in literacy learning. She can be reached at .



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