Science and social studies instruction at the elementary level has diminished in quantity and quality as a result of increasing pressure to maximize English language arts achievement. Research establishes a strong connection between background knowledge gained through content area learning and the ability to comprehend expository texts. Deprioritizing science and social studies instruction limits opportunities to explore disciplinary literacy practices which serve as the foundation for acquiring knowledge in different disciplines. This paper explores interdisciplinary read aloud lessons as an introduction of disciplinary literacy skills to elementary students. Interdisciplinary read aloud lessons can also support students in acquiring background knowledge necessary for reading expository texts, establishing a base of knowledge for upcoming science and social studies learning, and provide exposure to literacy practices of different disciplines.

Author Bio

Lyndsey Bensel is an elementary math consultant for Grand Haven Area Public Schools. She is a current graduate student in the Literacy Studies program at Grand Valley State University and will be graduating in Spring 2023. She can be reached at .



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