Key Points

Many social sector organizations are looking to balance their strategic plans with an ability to respond more quickly to change as it unfolds in their communities. For many years — but gaining particular urgency in 2015 — Kaiser Permanente Community Health saw a need to better understand the progress and impact of its portfolio and use its data to adapt strategy in response to its changing context.

To increase its capacity for strategic learning, Community Health worked with FSG to develop and implement a system called Measurement and Evaluation for Learning and Outcomes. While this process was tailored to Community Health, its underlying thinking, approach, and lessons learned can be informative to many others who are thinking about how to position their organizations and communities to thrive in times of change.

This article shares the key approaches used to equip Community Health to operationalize learning and reflect on the results so far, as well as some of the ingredients for success that allowed it to make tremendous progress in a relatively short period of time.

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