Key Points

The Health Forward Foundation recently completed a two-year journey with the Equitable Evaluation Initiative as a practicing partner. This partnership provided us with the support to push for change that better aligned with our new focus, prioritizing racial equity and economic advancement.

The partnership also allowed us to explore a number of questions fundamental to our work in learning and evaluation: what we really know about the impact philanthropy is making in our communities; how we can explain that to board members, and how we honor the personal experiences of the people we serve.

In this article we discuss our journey with the initiative’s Equitable Evaluation FrameworkTM and how we experimented with some of its key concepts through a project called Stories in Power. A collection of voices detailing how members of a community have experienced their own power — or their lack of it — in making decisions that affect their lives, Stories in Power provided a concrete example of how our work can be different and helped us to lay a foundation for new ways of thinking about evaluation.

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