Key Points

· There is a growing interest on the part of philanthropy and government in working together to address problems of common interest. But crosssectoral collaborations are not easy. In response, a new organizational structure – the office of strategic partnerships – is emerging that catalyzes, fosters, and accelerates such partnerships.

· These offices help to overcome the barriers of working across sectors by sharing knowledge and information about the sectors, identifying and convening stakeholders to discuss shared solutions, and leveraging resources to support public-problem solving.

· Based on interviews and a convening of principals of six of these offices at the city, state, and federal levels, this article1 examines the lessons for making these offices successful in facilitating government-philanthropic partnerships.

· In particular, it focuses on the need to determine appropriate roles and expectations, match philanthropic and government interests, find and field the right leadership, and build a record of success that encourages the sustainability of these offices.

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