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A peer-reviewed book based on presentations at the XIX Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2008, Bremen, Germany.

(c) 2011, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Table of Contents

Franziska Deutsch, Mandy Boehnke, Ulrich Kühnen, Klaus Boehnke, Jacobs University
Can Happiness change? An Interdisciplinary, Multi-Method Investigation of the Dynamics of Happiness

Elaine Hatfield and Richard L. Rapson
Culture and Passionate Love

Marianna Argiropoulou, Vassilis Pavlopoulos, and Karen Quek
Conflict Patterns among Greek Couples: The Role of Values, Self-Disclosure, and Relationship Satisfaction

Sofia Rivera-Aragon, Rolando Diaz‐Loving, Pedro Wolfgang Velasco-Matus, and Nancy Montero‐Santamaria
Jealousy and Infidelity among Mexican Couples

Paul G. Schmitz, and John W. Berry
Structure of Acculturation Attitudes and their Relationships with Personality and Psychological Adaptation: A Study with Immigrant and National Samples in Germany

Jyoti Verma
Host Acculturation Orientation: Some Preliminary Impressions of the French Students on Ethnic Minority Groups in Montpellier, S. France

Le Nhat Tran
Vietnamese Students Abroad: A Research Framework

Wing Sze Leung and Shue Ying Ting
Those Wonderful People across the Sea: Positive Out-Group Bias by Caucasians toward Asians

Aksel Kirch, Tarmo Tuisk and Hanna‐Hulda Reinkort
Estonians and Russians in Contemporary Estonia: Is the Soviet Past still dominating the Present?

Shulamith Kreitler
Meaning Correlates of Value Orientations

Kostas Mylonas, Aikaterini Gari, Penny Panagiotopoulou, Elli Georgiadi, Velichko Valchev, Sofia Papazoglou, and Mariana Brkich
Bias in Terms of Culture: Work Values Country-Clustering for 33 European Countries and Person-Job Fit Factor Equivalence Testing for Four European Countries

Erika Spieß and Christina Stroppa
Social Support Networks on International Assignments

Nandita Babu
Theory of Mind Understanding in Narration: A Study among Children from Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds in India

Penny Holding, Amina Abubakar, Elizabeth Obiero, and Anneloes Van Baar
Validation of the Infant-Toddler HOME Inventory among Households in Low Income Communities at the Kenyan Coast

Diana Boer and Ronald Fischer
The Functions of Music-Listening across Cultures: The Development of a Scale Measuring Personal, Social and Cultural Functions of Music

Jenny Lukito Setiawan
The Significance of Positive Perceptions of Counseling in Willingness to Seek Counseling Help: An Indonesian Study

Randall E. Osborne, Paul Kriese, and John M. Davis
It Can Be Taught: Explorations into Teaching the Foundations for Multicultural Effectiveness



Rendering Borders Obsolete: Cross-Cultural and Cultural Psychology as an Interdisciplinary, Multi-Method Endeavor

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