Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




How do community based organizations ensure that refugee children are academically successful?, Diarrassouba Nagnon

Teaching Business English: Are We Condemned to Use Technology?, Diarrassouba Nagnon

From seeking legitimacy to participating in legislation, Peimin Ni

Morality or Technique: Constructing a Gongfu Ethics, Peimin Ni

Determinants of saving: a study of U.S. non-profit organizations, Laudo Ogura

Walter Benjamin's Revolutionary Theory of Religion and History: The 'Dialectical Image', Michael Ott

XMM-Newton Observations of the Dark Accelerator MGRO J1908+06, Dirk Pandel

Homeorhetic Adaptation During the Pregnancy to Lactation Transition: A Comparative TranscriptomeAnalysis of Key Metabolic Tissues Using a Rat Model, Osman Patel, Theresa Casey, Heather Dover, and Karen Plaut

Inaccuracies in Pasternak's Translations of Shakespeare: Elucidating or Obscuring?, Svetoslav Pavlov

Terrorism and Docudrama: Right At Your Door, Toni Perrine

Public Talk about Private Acts: Sex Talk and Sexual Agency, Valerie Peterson

Risk-Return Predictions With the Fama-French Three-Factor Model Betas, Glenn Pettengill and Yingpin Chang

Commitment to Their Union: The Effects of Transfer Status, Gender and Marital Status at a U.S. Automobile Plant, Brian Phillips

Implementing Best Practices in Program Evaluation, Sandra Portko

Globalization and the Camino: from religious to touristic experience, Nicole Rasch

The Zero Waste Decision: Altruistic or Strategic?, Paulette Ratliff-Miller

Using Anthropology to Assess Engagements between Farmers Markets, Communities and Students, Russell Rhoades

Frequency Domain Analysis of Heart Rate Variability using Interpolation and Resampling, Samhita Rhodes

Jurisprudential Regime Theory, Mark Richards

Applying the SERVQUAL and IPA Methods to a Cross Cultural Comparison of Quality Service Gaps, A. Scott Rood

Fighting The Peace At Home: Mexican American Veterans and the 1944 GI Bill Of Rights, Steven Rosales

Art as Theology in Pawel Huelle's Last Supper, Christine Rydel

When belief bias attenuation leads to poorer judgments: Debiasing judgments on an ecologically valid task, Walter Sa'

Lake Invaders documentary screening, John Schmit

Schumann Encounters Berlioz: The Symphonie fantastique and Schumann's String Quartets, Op. 41, John Schuster-Craig

A Curriculum Model for Advanced Practice Nurses to Respond to Critical Mental Health Needs, Linda Scott, Andrea Bostrom, and Patricia Schafer

El merengue como zona de conflicto en la obra de Ramon Marrero Aristy, Medar Serrata

Analysis of Performance Variables in Professional Football: English Premier League 2006-2010, Ross Sherman

Hydration Strategies and Changes in Body Mass During Soccer Pre-Season Two-a-Days, Ross Sherman, Matthew T. Wittbrodt, Dana K. LeBar, and Alan M. Batterham

Do All Subjects of a Life Have an Equal Right to Life: the Challenge of the Comparative Value of Life, Aaron Simmons

Cultural immersion in a study abroad program as a form of culinary tourism, Lisa Sisson and Charles Baker-Clark

A Community Empowerment Program Improves Food Environment for Food Insecure, Lisa Sisson and Suzan Couzens

Direct association of meaning, sound, and characters through active learning, Curtis Smith

Punishment for Unlawful Presence and U.S. Marriage Rates, Claudia Smith-Kelly

Coping With Disaster: Lessons Learned From Nonprofit Executives Following Hurricane Katrina, Steven Smith

Coping With Disaster: Lessons Learned From Nonprofit Executives Following Hurricane Katrina, Steven Smith

Metajustification, Skepticism and the A Priori, Andrew Spear

Flawed History: How Americans get Their History Wrong, Scott Stabler

An Exploratory Investigation Into The Effects Backpacker Travel Can Have On Graduates' Future Employability, Paul Stansbie and Robert Nash

The treatment of foundational legal concepts in introductory criminal justice textbooks, Ruth Stevens

The Aesthetics of Middle Class Home Interiors in Neoliberal Chile, Joel Stillerman

Cross-country Variation in Factor Shares and its Implications for Development Accounting, Brad Sturgill

Exploring African-American Women's Perspectives towards and Experiences with Educational and Communications Technologies, Deepak Subramony

Sources of Fluctuations in US-China Bilateral Real Exchange Rate: Evidence from A Structural VAR Model, Wei Sun

An Analysis of Working Memory in Audience Design, Benjamin Swets, Emily L. Patzelt, Matthew E. Jacovina, and Richard J. Gerrig

Defeating Democracy: How Russia Promotes Authoritarianism in the former Soviet Union, Heather Tafel

Innate Immunity in Nestling and Adult Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor), Patrick Thorpe

Speaking Isn't Writing: An Assessment of Professional Writing Students' Presentations, Christopher Toth and Ellen Schendel

Sorting Out Multiple Soybean Orthologs Of SLEEPY-1, Pei-Lan Tsou, Caleb Boeve, and Derek Janssens

Did Richard Rorty Give Up on Philosophy After All?, Dwayne Tunstall

Towards Searching for Temporal Patterns in Gene Expression Profiles, Guenter Tusch and Olvi Tole

Arts Requirements in Higher Education, Kevin Tutt

Modeling collaboration: Women's Centers and Women's/Gender Studies Programs, Kathleen Underwood

Student Self-Reflection in a Professional Ethics Course, Phyllis Vandenberg

The Pedagogical Implications of Gadamer's 'Logic of Question and Answer', David Vessey

Using a Rock Tumbler in Sedimentology Courses to Simulate Weathering and Erosional Processes, Patricia Videtich, Erica Dalman, and Elizabeth Koeman

An Analysis of Geographically Relevant Content in Michigan Statutes: A frontier for public sector enhancement and curricular opportunities., Jeroen Wagendorp

The 1971 Attica Prison Riotin Mainstream and Alternative Newsprint: Framing Conflict Seeking Transformation, John Walsh

Are My Politics Showing: Teaching Multiple Perspectives, Ayana Weekley

Feminist-pragmatist democratic practice and contemporary sustainability movements: Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch, Mary Parker Follett and Vandana Shiva, Judy Whipps

Winning the 'Write' War: Breaking Down the Barrier of Silence in Small Group Discussions, Julie White

An Examination of Working Capital Management Practices, Thomas Willey and Susan Edwards

Braeside Farms: The Startup of a Service Business, Thomas Willey and Susan Edwards

Exploring the relationship between extrinsic contingency focus, threat and the desire for social inclusion, Todd Williams

Balanced evidence processing: Evidence-based and affect-based subjects process scientific texts differently, Michael Wolfe, Shawna Taylor, Andrew Taylor, and Gabrielle Austin

El dialogo historico-milagroso: La funcion de la voz del histor en las Cantigas de Santa Maria [Historic-Miraculous Dialogue: The Function of the voice of the Histor in the Cantigas de Santa Maria], Diane Wright

Comedia Revived: Websites, Video Archives, and Multi-Media Resources for Rediscovering Plays from the Spanish Golden Age, Jason Yancey, Ben Gunter, Kathleen Jeffs, and Susan Paun de Garcia

Man, Market, and NEoliberal Imperialism in Sub-Saharan Africa, Richard Yidana

Lesson Study as a Framework for Pre-service Teacher's Early Field-based Experiences, Paul Yu

Art Collaboration with Exceptional Students, Katalin Zaszlavik

Family Art Program: Museum Art Education Collaboration, Katalin Zaszlavik

Right of Passage: The Becoming of an Art Teacher, Katalin Zaszlavik

Stimulating Teaching Practices: Service Based Art Education, Katalin Zaszlavik