Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




And Some Certain Significance Lurks in All Things: Outlandish Sympathy in Herman Melville Moby Dick, Brian Deyo

The Roots of Confidence in the European Union, Polly Diven and John Constantelos

Integrating climate change for elementary pre-service teachers, Chris Dobson, Heather Miller, Pablo Llerandi-Roman, and Steve Mattox

Logistic Regression Versus Discriminant Analysis: Empirical Simulations Investigating Prediction Performance in Biometrical Data, Robert Downer

Preparing the Nonprofit Sector for Change: The Budget Control Act of 2011, Davia Downey, E. Miles Wilson, and Matthew VanderWindt

Thurmond's "Note Grouping": Lessons for Conductors, Henry Duitman

Cognitive Fit and User Schemas: An Expanded Model for Problem Solving, Cheryl Dunn, Greg Gerard, and Severin Grabski

Senior Capstone: A Software Defined Radio Design for Amateur Astronomy, Bruce Dunne, P. Behnke, D. Soberal, S. Bredeweg, B. Dunne, A. Sterian, and D. Furton

The Impact of a Structured Learning Assistance Program on Performance in a Managerial Finance Course, Susan Edwards, Thomas Willey, and Frank Griggs

52nd Street and the 2nd Viennese, Kurt Ellenberger and Kaja Lill

Adjudication, Roger Ellis

Shop Social: The Adventures of a Barcode Scanning App in the Wild, Jonathan Engelsma, Alejo Montoya, Ferris Jumah, Greg Zavitz, Joseph Roth, and Venu Vasudevan

Mother Teresa: Inspiration for Social Work, Dorothea Epple

Phylogenetic analysis of the genus Palisota (Commelinaceae) based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences, Timothy Evans, Grady Zuiderveen, and Robert Faden

Manual versus Computerized Practice Sets, Kurt Fanning and Rita Grant

Do Christian Values and Trends in Information Processing Suggest Privacy Laws are Outdated?, Roger Ferguson and Pat Bailey

Symbolic Meanings of Reflecting Water in Schubert Lieder, Lisa Feurzeig

A snake wiggle of reaction time functions to indicate holistic perception, Mario Fific

Gender and Ethnic Differences in Smiling: A Yearbook, Mihaela Friedlmeier and Taylor Wondergem

Emotion Displays in Media: A Comparison Between Romanian, Turkish, Hispanic- and Euro-American Children Books, Wolfgang Friedlmeier, Mayra Sanchez, Briana V. Wege, and Erica Goodrich

The grammar of sentencial particles, Kaori Furuya

Publishing Your Statistics Education Research, John Gabrosek

History as Hypothesis: Using 'Reacting to the Past' to Teach the French Revolution, Gretchen Galbraith

Nonreligious Group Factors Versus Religious Belief in Predicting Prosociality, Luke Galen, Ali McNulty, and Michael Sharp

The Last Time I Saw My Father, he Deportation Of Latvian Children On June 14, 1941, Irene Geisler

The Languages of Maore: An Overview of Language Use in Mahoran Society and Preliminary Indications of Language Shift, Daniel Golembeski

A Microcosm of International Tensions: The War in Dhufar, 1971-1976, James Goode

The Valley of the Deer: A Study in Synergistic Impact of Philanthropic Efforts, Rita Grant

Forecasting Effective Student-Teacher Matches by Previewing Teaching Trailers, Jennifer Gross and Brian Lakey

Relationships of Objectively-Measured Physical Activity and Sleep with BMI and Academic Outcomes in 8-year-olds, Susan A. Harrington PhD

Phospho-regulation of the anillin-related scaffolding protein, Mid1, Dawn C. Hart and Ashley DeWitt

The Influence of Hip and Shoulder Range of Motion on Shoulder Function in Collegiate Baseball and Softball Players., Brian Hatzel and Alison Reddick

Creating a Regional Journal, Chris Haven

"This is the Best Day of Your Life" (Creative Work Presentation) / "Doing it the Hard Way: Perspectives on Handmade Cinema" (Panel Presentation), Anne Haydock

Population genetics of the widespread social wasp, Polistes metricus reveals genetic variation associated with climate., Michael Henshaw

'Crazy 'bout Ya, Baby?' Eros, Abjection, and Flannery O'Connor's Dangerous Lovers, Avis Hewitt

Low dimension Lie algebra dimension reduction by modding by the center., Firas Hindeleh, K. Sharp, and N. Benthem

Rooted in Place: Growing and Learning from Cultural Tradition in an Urban Food Desert, Kevin Holohan

Symptoms Experience in Persons with Obesity-Related Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Lori Houghton-Rahrig, Debra Schutte, Jenifer I. Fenton, Barbara Given, Norm G. Hord, and Alexander V. Eye

The Yellow/Red Menace: Images of Koreans and Chinese in U.S.-produced Korean War Comics, Richard Iadonisi

Den site characteristics and kit survival of American marten in Manistee National Forest, Michigan., Joseph Jacquot, Paul Keenland, Tamara Hillman, and Danielle Bradke

Corner Stores as Community Members: Low-income residents perspectives, Lara Jaskiewicz, Rachael Dombrowski, Gina Massuda-Barnett, Steven M. Seweryn, and Maryann Mason

Planning for Transformational Change: A Comparison of London, Sydney and New York Sustainable Development Strategies, Richard W. Jelier and Renata Horvath


Collaborative Mentoring Between PETE Faculty and students, Ingrid Johnson

Quality Role Models: Female PETE Faculty and Pre-Service Students, Ingrid L. Johnson, Elizabeth V. Tiflin, Tanya Emelander, Paula Cynar, Ethel Gregory, and Jennifer Thorne

Resisting the Romance of the Promised Land: Lawrence Hill The Book of Negroes, Sherry Johnson

Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right: Stuck in the Middle of the Story, William Kaneko, Lindsey Barrett, Catherine Cortese, Kelsey Parker, and David Williams

12th International Congress on Mathematical Education [ICME 12], Lisa Kasmer and Paige Laurain

Transitioning to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), Lisa Kasmer and Dawn Teushcer

An Adolescent Sex Offender Treatment Program: Recidivism Rates with Implications on Personality Types, Bailey Kathleen and Allison Kosina

Em-POWERing Children and Young Adults through Movement: Use of a Power Wheelchair Trainer to Enable Movement Exploration and Success, Lisa Kenyon, Ripmaster Catherine, Farris John, Pung Christopher, and Peck John

The Design and Implementation of an Online Assessment System, Caryn King and Jeffrey Rollins

Thirst for Justice Conceptions of Equity and Sustainability at Burnt Church/Esgenoôpetitj NB Canada, Sarah King

Is this a trend for raising awareness and changing perceptions? A close look at the spotlighted children with Down syndrome in fashion ads today., Haiying Kong

Aging and the segmentation of narrative film, Christopher A. Kurby, Lillian Asiala, and Steven Mills

Zawilinski: Helping Beginning Programmers Conduct MediaWiki-based Research, Zachary Kurmas

Chinese Literati in the Garden: Gendered Space and Mythical Escape, Sufen Lai

Democratic Deliberation and Public Policy: Theory Meets Practice, Danielle L. Lake

Pragmatism in a Wicked World, Danielle L. Lake

Enacted support misbehaves because of its personality: A replication., Brian Lakey and Travis Sain

Building Strategic Tutoring Partnerships: Using Professional Development Software to Form Mutually Beneficial University and P-12 School Collaborations, Paula E. Lancaster and Sean Lancaster

Implementing a Ubiquitous iPad Initiative in a Graduate Program, Sean Lancaster and Andrew Topper

Lessons Learned from a Decade of Using Community Based Non-Profit Organizations in Information Systems Capstone Projects, David Lange and Paul Leidig Dr.

International Artist-In-Residency at The Maihar Art Retreat in Maihar, India, Hoon Lee

An Extensible Digital Library Service to Support Network Science, Jonathan P. Leidig, Shamimul Hasan, Keith Bisset, Edward A. Fox, Kevin Hall, Jonathan P. Leidig, and Madhav V. Marathe

Lessons Learned From A Decade Of Using Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations In Information Systems Capstone Projects, Paul Leidig and David K. Lange

Lessons Learned From A Decade Of Using Community-Based Non-Profit Organizations In Information Systems Capstone Projects, Paul Leidig and David K. Lange

Letting Her Go: Western Adoptive Families Search and Reunion with Chinese Birth Parents, Wang Leslie and Iris C. Ponte Dr.

Letting Her Go: Western Adoptive Families Search and Reunion with Chinese Birth Parents, Wang Leslie and Iris C. Ponte Dr.

The Freedom of Gods and Demons A Comparative Study of Xiyou ji and Fengshen yanyi, Yan Liang

The Freedom of Gods and Demons A Comparative Study of Xiyou ji and Fengshen yanyi, Yan Liang

Sustainable Campus as a Living Learning Lab: Example of Grand Valley State University., Elena Lioubimtseva, Norman Christopher, and Bart Bartels


Demographic patterns of feather damage from chewing lice in Tree Swallows, Michael P. Lombardo, Patricia Drake, Amber Olson, and Patrick A. Thorpe

Chewing Lice and Tree Swallows, Michael Lombardo, L. Spadacene, and P.A. Thorpe

"Effectiveness of the LOSE BIG Challenge, a Culturally-based, Inner-City Weight Loss Program", Debbie Lown, Julie Hall, and Kirk Anderson

From Multi-Valence to Polarity to Fragmentation: Politics and Character in the United States, George Lundskow

Group Treatment in Hippotherapy, Beth Macauley, Tamra Homnick, and Hannah Homnick

Using Reasoning to Develop Number Sense with Fractions, Nancy K. Mack


Bill Ryan CD Release Concert, Pablo Mahave-Veglia and Bill Ryan

Identity Building among Yezidis from Syria: Discourses of History, Homeland, and Exile, Sebastian Maisel

Towards Building a Bi-Directional Bridge Between Social Presence and Social Interaction in Multi-Players Online Games, Samah Mansour and Mostafa El-Said

Letting clusters and paths emerge from early semantic hypernetwork structure of features and their nouns, Josita Maouene, Kelsie Canada, and Mounir Maouene

Curriculum Women: Connecting with K-12 Schools, Amy L. Masko, Christy Moroye, and Michelle Tenam-Zemach

Motherhood Studies Unbound: Negotiating and (Re)Imagining Our Disciplinary Future, Julia Mason, Leslie Bailey, Jocelyn F. Stitt, Denise Schultz, and Patti Duncan

Submersive Learning: An Interactive Approach to Enhance Visitor Experience in a Museum Setting, Linda Masselink and Anne Merkle

Making the Burning of Coal Visible to Students, Stephen Mattox and Molly Hazel-Skrodenis

Social Media, Infographics, and the Role of Information Literacy in Business Communication, Hazel McClure, Chris Toth, and Rachel Wolford

Teaching and Collaboration: Creating a Community of Engaged Learners, Linda McCrea, Melin Ms., and Gu Dr.

Whoooo Knew? Assessment Strategies for Inquiry Science, Jacquelyn Melin and Ellen Schiller

Exploring the Pronunciation-Identity Link of Spanish Immersion Learners, Mandy Menke

Conference in the Classroom: Addressing Technologys Dual Role in the Methods Class, Mandy Menke and Janel P. Guikema

Submersive Learning: An Interactive Approach to Enhance Visitor Experience in a museum Setting, Anne Merkle MSL and Linda Masselink

The Economic Development Impact of Place-Based Scholarship Programs: Initial Results from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Michelle Miller-Adams


Integrating Climate Change for Elementary Pre-Service Teachers: Tales from the Field, Heather Miller and Chris Dobson

Obesity in the Workplace, Jitendra M. Mishra

Charles Taylor and Alasdair MacIntyre on the Rise of Secular Modernity: Five Common Themes, Mark Moes