Submissions from 2018

Identifying Features that Impact Diabetes Mellitus Readmission Rates, Omotayo Emmanuel Ajileye


Web-Based, Deep Learning Assisted Medical Image Tagging Tool, Nicolás Arias González

Identifying and Predicting Areas of Increasing Heart Disease Mortality in the United States, Jacob Bourgeois

Exploration of the Effects of Visualization Tools and Programming Languages, GunaSri Vijaya Sekhar Cherukuri

Impact of EHR Usability on Patient-Provider Relationships and Health Outcomes A Literature Review, Jamie Cole


Development of a Mobile Friendly Self-Service Experience at Grand Rapids Community College, David Dick


The Insecurity of Things (IoT), Evelyn Edwards

Stock Market Analysis using Machine Learning Algorithms, Achyutarama Ganti

Automated Functional and Security Testing Framework, Dinesh Reddy Gondhesi

Systematic Monitoring and Evaluation of Web and Mobile Applications Using Automation Frameworks, Sahana Gunaseker


Context-Aware Industrial Internet of Things Data Logging, Kristoffer Hain


Attendance Tracking by Facial Recognition, Gurismran Kaur

Prediction Comparative Study on Cervical Cancer Analysis in Women using Machine Learning Algorithms, Upendra Naik Khimavath

Leading Cause of Death in the US -- Prediction and Visual Analysis, Pavan Kumar Komma

Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms on Mental Health Survey Data, Vyshanavi Priyanka Kotla


Puzzle Level Generation with Answer Set Programming, Daniel Lindeman

myChild: A Child Health Tracking App for Parents, Anu Mooken

Comparison of Supervised Machine Algorithms by Classifying a Cardiotocography Data Set, Shreya Paithankar

Tesseract OCR Automated Scheduler, Mihai Pocse


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Symptom Severity Prediction Using a Recursive Neural Network, Katherine G. Skocelas


Story Parsing and Adventure Generation with Python and Postgres, Ryan Solnik

Graphical Log Analyzer, Dipana Sorathiya

Uber for Tutor, Victor Sun

A Framework for Discovering Latent Insights in Clinical Data, Brett VanderHaar


Data Visualization Using Augmented Reality, Derek VanOverloop

Digital Evolution Applied to the Study of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Roderick Vogel

Submissions from 2017


The Defend – A Collision Based Detection iOS Game, Amith Kumar Aellanki

The Impact of Information Technology in Garden Maintenance, Rosalina Almendras

FOODSHARE, Jadhav Amarnath

Data Mining Techniques Applied to the Hydrogen Lactose Breath Test, Vanaja Danda

Test Case Generation Tool: Event-Driven Petri Nets, Lisa Dohn

HAPPy: Home Affordability Predictor in Python, Matthew Englehart

Real Time Visualization and Analysis of Tweets, Moeen Farasat

A Case Study on Software Design Patterns in the .NET Framework, Ronald Foreman Jr.


Extensible Terrain Generator, William Frye

Using A Smartphone to Monitor Varroa Destructor in Honey Bee Colonies, Matias Gil-Echavarria

Health Information Exchange in OPENMRS using HL7 & FHIR, Shivanshu Gupta

Schedule Manager – A Modern Method of Scheduling, Staff Management and Communication, Sai Siddhartha Kola

Comparative Study of Classification Algorithms in Breast Cancer Prediction, Sai Kotha

Comparing the Performance of Scalpel to GATK-HaplotypeCaller Using Simulated Reads, Matthew Lueder


Why Small Businesses and Nonprofits Need an IT Strategy, Osita Mefor

Catering Orders Management System, Vinvith Kumar Mudugonda

Diabetes Mellitus Prediction in Women, Rama Musti

Visualizing Smoking Trends in the US, Vittal Kavya Naram


An Application Infrastructure to Support the TRIO Upward Bound Program, Rakesh Neela


Dynamic Database Schemas and Multi-Paradigm Persistence Transformations, Ryan D. Norton


Asset Management Software, Tony Phillips


Exploratory Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Crime Data in the City of Denver, Daniel Pokorny

14 Days of Vacation: A Rogue Switch Detection Technique, Kyle Prins

Comparing Classification Algorithms to Predict Vertebral Column Disorder, Sowjanya Ratho

Glitch Detection and Analysis (GDA) in Wireless ad hoc Neworks, Ashik Reddy Kanula

An Exploration of FileMaker Platform for Customs Compliance and Reporting, Clemencia Reyes Flores

Open Data: A User-Owned Centralized Data Repository, David Rynties

Prediction of Parkinson’s Disease Using Machine Learning Approaches, Gnana Velagapalli

Database Synchronization in a Server Client Model, Abhinandan Vidya


Migrant Farm Worker App – AgHelp!, Huang Xiaomei

A Data-Driven Approach To Predict Cerebral Aneurysm Ruptures Using Discretized Data, Bhanu Yandrapragada