Submissions from 2017


The Defend – A Collision Based Detection iOS Game, Amith Kumar Aellanki

The Impact of Information Technology in Garden Maintenance, Rosalina Almendras

FOODSHARE, Jadhav Amarnath

Data Mining Techniques Applied to the Hydrogen Lactose Breath Test, Vanaja Danda

Test Case Generation Tool: Event-Driven Petri Nets, Lisa Dohn

HAPPy: Home Affordability Predictor in Python, Matthew Englehart

Real Time Visualization and Analysis of Tweets, Moeen Farasat

A Case Study on Software Design Patterns in the .NET Framework, Ronald Foreman Jr.


Extensible Terrain Generator, William Frye

Using A Smartphone to Monitor Varroa Destructor in Honey Bee Colonies, Matias Gil-Echavarria

Health Information Exchange in OPENMRS using HL7 & FHIR, Shivanshu Gupta

Schedule Manager – A Modern Method of Scheduling, Staff Management and Communication, Sai Siddhartha Kola

Comparative Study of Classification Algorithms in Breast Cancer Prediction, Sai Kotha

Comparing the Performance of Scalpel to GATK-HaplotypeCaller Using Simulated Reads, Matthew Lueder


Why Small Businesses and Nonprofits Need an IT Strategy, Osita Mefor

Catering Orders Management System, Vinvith Kumar Mudugonda

Diabetes Mellitus Prediction in Women, Rama Musti

Visualizing Smoking Trends in the US, Vittal Kavya Naram


An Application Infrastructure to Support the TRIO Upward Bound Program, Rakesh Neela


Dynamic Database Schemas and Multi-Paradigm Persistence Transformations, Ryan D. Norton


Asset Management Software, Tony Phillips


Exploratory Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Crime Data in the City of Denver, Daniel Pokorny

14 Days of Vacation: A Rogue Switch Detection Technique, Kyle Prins

Comparing Classification Algorithms to Predict Vertebral Column Disorder, Sowjanya Ratho

Glitch Detection and Analysis (GDA) in Wireless ad hoc Neworks, Ashik Reddy Kanula

An Exploration of FileMaker Platform for Customs Compliance and Reporting, Clemencia Reyes Flores

Open Data: A User-Owned Centralized Data Repository, David Rynties

Prediction of Parkinson’s Disease Using Machine Learning Approaches, Gnana Velagapalli

Database Synchronization in a Server Client Model, Abhinandan Vidya


Migrant Farm Worker App – AgHelp!, Huang Xiaomei

A Data-Driven Approach To Predict Cerebral Aneurysm Ruptures Using Discretized Data, Bhanu Yandrapragada

Submissions from 2016

Just Say It: Search and Add Business In Your City, Khalid Alhamdan


Assessment of Open Source Project Management Tools for CIS 467, Khalid Almoqhim

Exploring Medicare Costs using Machine Learning, Alec Ashburn

Multiple-Access Graph Search, Mark Bradburn

Visualization of Seasonal Migration Patterns from Mobile Phone Call Records, Bishal Chamling


Art at GVSU v2, Kirthi Samson Chilkuri

SportBazaar – An E-commerce Platform, Srikanth Dandyala

ScoreShare, A Web-based Music Cataloging System, Timothy DeYoung

Health Care Option Decision Helper Project Abstract, Deirdre Farmer

User Experience Designed Information Technology Website, Allen Fredrick

Visual Pattern Test Inspection of Gauges, Jason Fye

A Model for Health Response Assessment (HRA), Swati Gupta


Assemble: an iOS App for Simple Group Attendance Tracking, Ryan Huebner

Image Detection Using Clustering and Scale Invariance, Pooja Kamath

Prevalence and Severity of Asthmatic Symptoms in Grenada, Rohit Kandalkar

Found It – A Lost and Found iPhone App, Chaitanya Karumanchi

Smart Inventory Management, Gayathri Kasinathan


Help Me! A Consumer Product Assistance Application, Ryan Kingsley

Laker Chat Application, Shiva Madiraju

Online Test Taking System, Achyuth Minnama Reddy

Personal Book Editing & Contect Uploading Website, Abinaya Muralidharan

An Integrated Registration System for Automotive Parts, Muli Muthiani

3-D Modeling of Diffusion Limited Aggregation (DLA) in Hydraulics of Urine, Krishna Nadiminiti

Challenges in Clinical Research Informatics: Data Quality and Transferability in Publically Available Databases, Michelle Padley

Payroll Management System, Rakeshkumar Patel


Laker Mobile 2.0: Rewriting GVSU’s official mobile app for iOS Project, Camila Peñaloza and Roland Heusser

A Cancer Risk Study, Raveena Pendyam


Evaluation of Xamarin Forms for Multi­Platform Mobile Application Development, Amer A. Radi


Remotely Monitor and Manage a Garage with IoT, Brandon Ridge

Sentiment Analysis for Reddit, Brian Ruhoff

Development of the Petri Net Graphics Editor Supporting Automatic Use Case Generation, Evgeny Ryzhov


The Fractal Shape Of Partitions in 3D, Virender K. Savadi

Evaluation of Online E-commerce Systems, Saheel Sehgal


Performance and Health Monitoring and Analysis of Hive Scales Portal Web Application, Ronald J. Slocum Jr.


Address Standardizer, Komal Sorathiya

Creating Masterpieces: Toward Content-Aware Style Transfer, Christopher Taylor

Learning Management Systems: An Efficiency Study, Keith Tramper

Book Sharing in University, Venkata Uppalapati

Implementation of Content Based Image Retrieval Techniques for Video Recognition Applications, Foy Van Dolsen


Mobile Test Viewer: Web Application for Interactive Exploration of Product Test Plans, Jason K. Vernon

Investigation of the Relationship of Sleep/Rest to Different Diseases, Garima Vohra

Submissions from 2015


Vacation Package Recommender System, Anusha Allaparthi


Pathfinder: A Windows Console Application to Help Draw Finite State Machines Using Visio and Find the Paths in Excel, James Cornett


Personalized Movie Database System, Jayaprakash Garaga


New Course in Emerging SAP Technology, Christopher Gillespie


An Analysis of a BYOD Program in a School District, RIchard J. Hackler


At the Gates: Analysis of Malicious Activity Facing Residential IP Addresses, Alexander Hershey


Evaluation and Integration of a JavaScript Graphing Library for a Nationwide Honey Bee Hive Scale Network, Emily Johnson

Easy Emailer, a Simplified Way to Schedule and Send Personalized Mass Emails, Richard Latimer


Carpooling For GVSU, Sruthi Spandana Madanu


An Evaluation of Oracle's StillImage Plugin as a Platform for Dynamic Image Search, Nicholas Nelson

Zion: File System Simulator, Frederic Paladin


Online Food Order System for Restaurants, Mayurkumar Patel

Computational Nutrition: A Method of Generating Food List to Meet Nutritional Requirements, Thomas Pikes

SentiAuthor: A Web Application that Displays Indications of Sentiment, and Potential Biases, for Individual Contributors to a News Organization, Alexandros Plakidas Ntasios




Exploring Alternative Control Modalities for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, David Qorashi


MEALS2SHARE Neighborhood Home Cooked Food Sharing Web Application, Isha Singh


Creating 3D Foldable Papercraft from Dynamically Generated Scalable Vector, Daniel Slaughter


An examination of the complexity and comprehensibility of various software models, Taran Staal

Promoting Sustainability through Visualization: Visualizing Energy Consumptions for City of Holland, Michigan, Soon Tang


A Digital Library for Plant Information with Performance Comparison between a Relational Database and a NoSQL Database (RDF Triple Store), Md Arman Ullah


A Survey of Smartwatch Platforms from a Developer’s Perspective, Ehsan Valizadeh

YeaNay: An Open Source Tool to Rate the Votes of Members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, Eric Venlet

Extending & Optimizing a Numerical Model of an Antenna in Plasma, Nicholas Vogel

Climate Science – It’s all in the Cloud, Ira Woodring