Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




Boris Pasternak’s Translations of Shakespeare’s Plays in Criticism, Svetoslav Pavlov

Activity and Participation Levels in 6-12-Year-Old Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Study, Year Two, John Peck

From Somewhere Else: Transnational Communities and Media, Vandana Pednekar-Magal and Keith Oppenheim

Misconceptions as levels of understanding: Development of the Bonding, Structure, and Properties Assessment, Thomas Pentecost

Paper, Lisa Perhamus and Nancy Patterson

The Return of the Baroque in Xica da Silva, Toni Perrine

Unexpected uses of Greek Shapes in Central Apulian Funerary Contexts, Bice Peruzzi

"Amercan Past and American Present in Gender, Memory, Art, and Mobility" and "The Lighter Side of Visual Representation: Moving from Entertaining to Enlightening", Valerie V. Peterson

Introductory Communication Studies - Some Insights from General Semantics Class Readings, Valerie V. Peterson

Modeling P-T-Time Paths Within The Chunky Gal Mountain Fault, Central Blue Ridge, North Carolina, Virginia L. Peterson and Eric Armstrong

Leveraging Cooperative Education Experiences to Enhance and Develop the Capstone Design Course, Chris Plouff, Chris Pung, and Paul Plotkowski

Silences, Shadows and Specters: The Spanish Civil War in La escuela de Platon by Rosa Chacel, Gabriela Pozzi

Queer Pedagogy in Sexuality Education, Marilyn Preston

Leveraging Cooperative Education Experiences to Enhance and Develop the Capstone Design Course, Christopher Pung, Chris Plouff, and Paul Plotkowski

Student-centered learning: transforming perspectives through visual communication, Kim Ranger

Reimagining the Fragments of Sappho, Diane Rayor

The Newest Sappho’s Two Minds, Diane Rayor

A Tour of the UP's Linguistic Landscape, Kathryn Remlinger PhD

Including a Programming Course in General Education: Are We Doing Enough?, John Reynolds, Roger Ferguson, and Paul Leidig

The Use of Stochastic Resonance to Improve Detectability in CT Images, Samhita Rhodes, Nadina Zweifel, Roland Strahle, Stephan Scheidegger, Rudolf Fuchslin, and Samhita Rhodes

The Diffusion of the Concept of Public Figure in China: Exploring the Limits of Right to Reputation, Mark Richards

The Diffusion of the Concept of Public Figure in China: Exploring the Limits of Right to Reputation, Mark Richards and Yi Zhao

Combining Research Projects With A Field Trip: A Reversed Model, Peter Riemersma and Patricia Videtich

Paper/Panel, Kim Roberts

Communication in Statistics: Consideration of Lexical Ambiguity or I do not think this word means what you think it mean, Neal Rogness, Jennifer Kaplan, and Diane Fisher

Can Data Drive Success? Implementing Instruction Evaluation Forms, Ashley Rosener, Emily Frigo, James Gulvas, Anne Merkle, and Barbara Harvey

Reading and Writing Digital Texts: Why and How Students Should Engage with eBooks, RSS Readers, and Transmedia Stories, Robert A. Rozema

Uncovering Skin Immune Proteins as Predictors of Resistance against WNS, Amy L. Russell, Marianne Moore, and Liliana Davalos

Institutional strength and perceived corruption in Mexico and Peru, Carol M. Sanchez and Kevin Lehnert

The Phenotypic Effects Associated With Loss of PKN Function Are Manifest upon Perturbation of Cell Death in Drosophila Melanogaster, Georgette L. Sass and Jessica Schoenherr

Individual Differences in Cognitive Ability and Reflective Thinking Help Delineate the Selective Processing Model of Logical Reasoning, Walter Sa and Michael Pratt

Implementation of SW-PBIS and Students with Significant Disabilities... What the Research Tells Us We Should Be Teaching Our Pre-Service Teachers, Amy Schelling and Monica Harris

To Kit or Not to Kit? Analyzing, Implementing, and Evaluating Science Materials and Resources, Ellen Schiller and Jacquelyn Melin

The End of Tsunami on the Square, John Schmit

The Phenotypic Effects Associated With Loss of PKN Function Are Manifest upon Perturbation of Cell Death in Drosophila Melanogaster, Jessica Schoenherr and Georgette Sass

Marital Matching Among US Residents: A Comparison of Immigrants by Region of Origin, Dalmia Sonia, Claudia S. Kelly, and Paul Sicilian


Queered Telefeminism

The Promising and Difficult Path to Accountability and Effective Partnership: New Research on Citizen Participation in Child Welfare

Fighting Fires in Siberia, Edward Aboufadel and Beth Bjorkman

University-based EMC Precompliance Center and its Impact on the EMC Education, Bogdan Adamczyk, Jim Teune, and Scott Mee

Design and Implementation of an International Computer Science Capstone Course, David Adams

Students Stereotypes of IS Professionals and the Influence of the Introductory IS Course, Asli Akbulut Bailey

Reasons for Investing in and Continuing the Study of Arabic for Non-Native Speakers: Opportunities and Challenges, Majd Al-Malla

Formations and Deformations of, David Alvarez

What then are they looking for, our souls that travel/On rotting sea-timbers from one harbor to another?: the presence of classical mythology in contemporary literature of clandestine cross-Mediterranean migration, David Álvarez

Exploring the affective domain in teaching intermediate mechanics: Benefits and challenges arising from a tutorial approach, Bradley Ambrose

With God on Our Side: Promoting the Cults of Murdered Royal Innocents in Anglo-Saxon Mercia and East Anglia, Rachel S. Anderson

Results of variable grass seeding rates on community development in a sand prairie restoration experiment in the Manistee National Forest, Michigan, Todd A. Aschenbach and Robb Roos

Mechanotransduction in Mouse Models The Effect of Mechanical Loading on the Ulna, Blake Ashby, A. Vander Moren, H. Hotaling, B.O. Williams, and T.A. Burgers

A Model for On-Line Education of ABET-required Professional Aspects of Engineering, Nael Barakat and Christopher Plouff

Warm-up with a Weighted Vest Improves Running Performance via Leg Stiffness and Running Economy, Kyle Barnes, Will G. Hopkins, Mike R. McGuigan, and Andrew E. Kilding

Rehabilitation After Implant Arthroplasty of the Wrist and Conservative Therapeutic Management of the Osteoarthritic Carpometacarpal Joint, Jeanine Beasley

Building Resiliency and Therapeutic Recreation: A Natural Fit, Teresa Beck

Ibsens Dramaturgy of Gender, James Bell

Reporting of Corporate Sustainability: An Examination of the Global Reporting Initiative Database, Bruce Bettinghaus and Anne M. A. Sergeant

Cooper Tires Merger with Apollo Tires: Takeover, Method of Payment and the rescinding of the merger., Yatin N. Bhagwat and Marinus DeBruine

Seeing Patterns & Structure in Daily Routines: Cultivating Mathematical Practices 7 & 8, Esther Billings and Pamela Wells Dr.

A Gold Price Anomaly, Laurence E. Blose and Vijay Gondhalekar

Effect of Global Expansion on Gravitational Lensing, Brett Bolen, Mir Emad Aghili, and Luca Bombelli

Social determinants of health: Making the most of the American community survey, Stephen Borders

The PCMH & Diabetes, Stephen Borders

The role of individual sensitivity to Provocations and Frustrations in the relationship between harsh discipline and readiness for aggression in Poland and the USA., Mary Bower-Russa, Monika Dominiak-Kochanek, and Anna Zajenkowska

L2 Writing and Adult Literacy Learners: A Synthesis of the Research, Colleen Brice and Laura V. Broek

Writing and adult ESOL in the US: A synthesis of the research, Colleen Brice and Laura V. Broek

The Making of African Bark Cloth in the Caribbean, 1660s-1920s., Steeve Buckridge

Derivation of Systems of Stochastic Differential Equations (SDEs) for Macroevolution, Ummugul Bulut and Edward J. Allen

Characterization of histidine decarboxylase bearing an internal FLAG epitope in Drosophila melanogaste, Martin G. Burg, Anthony Hage, Maxwell Mianecke, Andra Trapp, and Deb Burg

Feminist Culture Jamming as Activism and Pedagogy Roundtable, Wendy Burns-Ardolino and Jamie Huber

Collaboration and Teacher Preparation: The Role of the Mentor Teacher, Douglas Busman and Linda McCrea Dr.

Defying the Norms of Society and Testing all Boundaries: A Study of Aucassin et Nicolette from a Women and Gender Studies Perspective., Anne Caillaud

Medicare Managed Care Spillovers and Treatment Intensity, Kevin Callison

Public Learning: Curatorial Studio and Pedagogical Exhibitionism, Anna Campbell

Technology Tools in the Classroom: Learning, Access and Implementation, Heather L. Carpenter, James Edwards, and Jenny Jones

Richesse caché et espoir dans l'oeuvre de Ken Bugul La pièce d'or, Isabelle Cata

Zechariah's "Death Instinct" and the Formation of an Early Monotheistic Community, Jeremiah Cataldo

"I Never Ask for It!" Street Harassment as a Transnational Feminist Issue, Debjani Chakravarty

Multiple Worldviews and the World Wide Web: Can Online Environments Aid Transformative Pedagogy?, Debjani Chakravarty

Four Constructs and Consistent Behavior Patterns in the Leisure and Tourism Context, Seohee Chang

Empirical Performance of Regime Switching Model to VaR, Yingpin Chang

Issues and Recommendations in Teaching Young Gender Different Children, Julie Chlebo and Faite Mack Dr.

Atheism and analytic thinking, Kelly Clark

Teaching Interprofessional Education (IPE) Core Competencies Through An International Service Learning Experience, Susan Cleghorn and Denise P. Meier

Playing with the Common Core, David Coffey and Kathryn Coffey

Playing with the Common Core, David Coffey and Kathryn Coffey

Friendship and Obligation: Sibling Relationships and Illegitimacy in the Early Modern Spanish Nobility, Grace Coolidge

Conductor/Cellist/Concert Programmer, Lee Copenhaver

Use of the National Academy of Engineerings Grand Challenges for Engineering as a semester-long project for an Introduction to Engineering course, Tara Cornelius-Reece

Coordinated Efforts for Developing, Recruiting, and Retaining Women in Engineering, Tara Cornelius-Reece and Sara Maas

An examination of emotion regulation and alcohol use as risk factors for female perpetrated dating violence, Tara L. Cornelius, Ryan Shorey, and Edwin Ortiz

John Adams and the State Constitutions of the Founding Era, Paul Cornish

An Ontology of Ideas, Wesley Cray

A Philosophical Enfranchisement of Yellowism, Wesley Cray

Gender and the First World War:, Jason Crouthamel, Kara D. Vuic, Susan Grayzel, Tammy Proctor, and Joshua Sanborn

Using Media Resources and Journal Articles to Teach Statistics, Phyllis Curtis

T.E.A.M.M. Approach: Underrepresented Minority Student Success in Health Profession Programs, Alisha Davis and Shannon Wilson

Poster, Rebecca Davis and Jennifer Ohman

Masters Track Participation in U.S. Reveals a Stable Sex Difference in Competitiveness, Robert O. Deaner and Vittorio Adonna

I feel guilty, but we feel shame: Self-construal differences in reactions to transgressions, Kristy Dean and Elizabeth Fles

Facilitating teacher reflection in a classroom learning lab, Nancy DeFrance, Teresa McDougall, and Nancy Broadwell

The Ecological Imagination in Richard Flanagan's Wanting, Brian Deyo