Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




Finding Temporal Gene Expression Patterns for Translational Research, Guenter Tusch, Olvi Tolea, Yuka Kutsumia, Vincent K. Sama, and Lakshmi Mamidia

A Neglected Argument Concerning Morality and Abortion, John Uglietta, PhD

A Neglected Argument Concerning Morality and Abortion, John Uglietta, PhD

Disappearing France, Marie Ullrich

Faster!, Marie Ullrich

Kappa opioid regulation of depressive-like behavior and reward seeking during acute and protracted withdrawal from ethanol, Glenn Valdez, Sorsha K. Jarman, and Alison M. Haney

Paper presentation, Phyllis Vandenberg

Assessment instruments as research tools: An Eye-tracking study of expert and novice chemistry problem solving, Jessica VandenPlas, Jessica Vogl, and Thomas Pentecost

Teachers on Bikes: A Case Study of a Teacher Preparation Program in Multi-Literacy Development, Laura Vander Broek, Patricia Bloem, Niki Cooper, and Catherine Copeland

L2 writing and adult literacy learners: A synthesis of the research, Laura Vander Broek and Colleen Brice

Using Cloud-based Applications to Support Learning Objectives: BLOOMing with Technology, Julia VanderMolen

Using the Flipped Classroom to Enhance Student Learning, Julia VanderMolen and Leigh Harrell Dr.

Conference Coordinating Committee Member, Christian Vannier

Comments on Helen Daly's "Sex, Vagueness, and the Olympics", Elizabeth Victor

Vulnerabilities and Institutional Barriers in Clinical and Public Health Contexts, Elizabeth Victor and Laura Guidry-Grimes

two posters, Patricia E. Videtich and Kayla Lockmiller

Solo Exhibition "Mining Industries" at Heller Gallery, New York, NY, Norwood Viviano

The head and neck cancer treatment experience: opportunities for occupational therapy, Heather Wallace

X-ray crystal structure of the extended-spectrum class C ²-lactamase, ADC-7, in apo form and in complex with a boronic acid transition state analog, Bradley J. Wallar, Hollister C. Swanson, Fabio Prati, Emilia Caselli, Chiara Romangoli, Magdalena Taracila, Robert A. Bonomo, and Rachel A. Powers

How Did The Discussion Get There? Improving Asynchronous Discussion Using Course Objectives and Thread Linkage, Michael Wambach

A Novel Approach for Introducing Digital Systems, Jeffrey Ward

Marteilhe's Enlightenment, Severine Ward

Nuevas perspectivas sobre la retención del español en los EE.UU., Keith Watts

Open Access Publishing Funds in Action: The Experience of Three Libraries, Doug Way, Robin Champieux, and Margaret Moore

(INVITED PRESENTATION) New Thermochronologic, Paleomagnetic, and Fault-Slip Constraints on Pliocene Tectonics and Provenance, North Coast Marine area, Trinidad and Tobago, John Weber, Jenny Arkle, and Scott Giorgis

The Popular and the Primitive in T. S. Eliot's Sweeney Agonistes and E. E. Cummings' Him, Michael Webster

To Sink Or to Swim: Pilgrimage to Lourdes As An Ethnographer's Trial By Water, Deana Weibel

A Geosemiotics of the Myth of Social Mobility, Joel Wendland

Leadership For Social Change: Mary Parker Follett and Jane Addams, Judy D. Whipps

The Essential(ist) John Dewey, Brian White

Going Public with E-portfolios: Opening Up Communication and Composition in a Digital Environment that Speaks to the Net Generation, Julie White, Dauvan Mulally Dr., and Amy Norkus

Is the Cash Conversion Cycle A Return Predictive Signal?, Thomas E. Willey and Susan Edwards

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow: Exploring the Social Curriculum of Prestigious Secondary Schools, Olivia A. Williams and Christopher Hanks Dr.

Unpacking Religious Prosociality: Personality Ratings are Influenced by Religious Stereotype and Group Identity Bias, Todd Williams, A. VerWey, and L. Galen

Synthesis of chiral vinyl-substituted silanes, Randy Winchester and Kelly Le

Oh, I've always believed that: Biased memory for previous beliefs following belief change, Michael Wolfe


Discourse Exhibitions and Ethnolinguistic Change in Amazonian Ecuador, Michael Wroblewski

What does the Rise and Fall of Detroit tell us?, Gang Xu

Nitric oxide scavenger carboxy-PTIO impaired memory of avoidance conditioning in goldfish, Xiaojuan Xu and Katie Zmolek

Four Decades of the Chamizal Siglo de Oro Drama Festival and the Evolution of Comedia Performance, Jason Yancey

Goal-Free Evaluation: A potential model for the evaluation of social work programs, Brandon Youker and Lyza Ingraham

Using service learning in the teaching of and research on program evaluation, Brandon W. Youker Ph.D, Nick Bayer, and Lyza Ingrapham

1. Applying 21st Century Skills through Art with Exceptional Students 2. Start Now to Get a Job later, Katalin Zaszlavik

Protecting the Skin of Older Adults through Surveillance and Pressure Ulcer Prevention Beginning in Emergency Services, Jennifer L. Zoeteman


Analysis of Diabetes Data Using Wavelet Scalograms, Edward Aboufadel

Classical Arabic Poetry and Prose, Majd Al-Malla

Ibn Zaydun and the Poetics of Nostalgia, Majd Al-Malla

Relics and Biopower: The Materiality of St. Edward the Martyr Lung, Rachel Anderson

General Semantics and Youtube Vlogging, Corey Anton

Top Paper Panel: "Terms for Talking About Information and Communication", Corey Anton

Food as a Segue into Culture, Charles Baker-Clark

Effective NEMS Education and Training in an Undergraduate Course, Nael Barakat and Heidi Jiao

Periodicity and Chaos in Some Planar Discrete Dynamical Systems with Negative Feedback, Sukanya Basu

Some Computational Challenges in Analyzing Global Dynamics of Certain Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical Systems, Sukanya Basu

Creating a Blended Cooperative Learning Classroom, Edward Baum

Examining Subjective Sport Performance, Motivation, Anthropometric and Physical Characteristics Among Female Collegiate Athletes, Christina Beaudoin and Courtney McCotter

Reliability Study: Caregivers/ Residents Interactrion during Feeding using Barnard's Feeding Scale, Cynthia Beel-Bates, Paul Stephenson, and Joyce Rogers

ranslations and Adaptations: The Antona García Project, James Bell

Comparing the Paleolithic Era in East Asia, Craig Benjamin

Prediction Questions In The Elementary Classroom: Transitioning From A Professional Development Experience To Classroom Enactment, Esther Billings and Lisa Kasme

Multidentate carbamoylmethyl phosphine oxides (CMPO's) as chelating agents for lanthanides and actinides, Shannon Biros, LaNora Herrema, Adam Boyden, and Eric J. Werner

Induction of Desiccation Tolerance in Developing Seeds of Phalaenopsis amabilis: the Role of the Late Embryogenesis Abundant Proteins, Sheila Blackman, Tim Godfrey, and Huijing Zhu

Parameter Stationarity and the Mean Variance Optimum Portfolio, Laurence Blose and Frank Griggs

Findings from Analogs: The Analog Parenting Task, Mary Bower-Russa

Collegiate Service Learning through International Partnership: Grand Valley State University and the Philippines, Ranelle Brew

It's the Dogs Picture: Posthuman Families and John Cassavete Love Streams, John Bruni

The Making of African Bark Cloth in the Caribbean, 1660s to 1920s, Steeve Buckridge

Rethinking Public Empowerment, Neal Buckwalter

The Potential for Public Empowerment through Government-Organized Citizen Participation, Neal D. Buckwalter

Literary Provocateur: Revival, Revolt, and the Censure of the Irish Review, 1911-14, Kurt Bullock

Identification of a novel transcript from the Hdc gene in Drosophila melanogaster, Martin G. Burg and Amy Jenkins

Female Foursomes & Their Fans, Wendy Burns-Ardolino

Ethnographies of Change: TV Fan Forums, Activist Folk Music Culture, & Social Media, Wendy Burns-Ardolino, Molly Batchik, and Rachel Dwyer

Marie de France and Christine de Pizan: Contributions and Legacy to medieval French Literature, Anne Caillaud

Longitudinal Outcomes for Schools Participating With a State-wide Integrated MTSS Project, Amy L. Campbell, Kim Martin, Anna Harms, and Crisy Coughlin

Let not kid ourselves, men and women are different in every respect: Understanding Women Continued Underrepresentation in the Engineering Profession, Rachel Campbell

Study abroad for graduate students enrolled in US-based academic programs: Experiences, issues, and best practices, Heather Carpenter

Os Problemas Filosoficos da Ciencia Moderna e a Nova Educacao Cientifica, Teresa Castelao-Lawless

Memory Trauma and Identity in Ezra-Nehemiah, Jeremiah Cataldo

Comparing two events: Tulip Time Festival and ArtPrize in Michigan, Seohee Chang

Identifying The Value Premium: A Test of Mutual Fund Performance Measures, Seohee Chang and Heather J. Gibson

Identifying The Value Premium: A Test of Mutual Fund Performance Measures, Yingpin Chang, Glenn Pettengill, and James Hueng

American Witching Hour, Patricia Clark

Making the Workshop Work in Mathematics, David Coffey, Esther Billings, and John Golden

How Coaching Improves Teaching and Learning, Kathryn Coffey and David Coffey

Drought and agricultural change in Central Mali: from agrarian transformation to stasis, 1952 to 2011, Roy Cole and Cait Fritz

National social service in Mexico: What the U.S. can learn, Jay Cooper

Binetto-Grumo Festival Orchestra, Lee Copenhaver

Development of a Materials for Energy Storage Course for Engineering Students, Lindsay Corneal

Women's Experiences of Partner Abuse and Sexual Assault: A Social Ecological Approach to Recovery, Tara L. Cornelius, Ryan C. Shorey, and Katie Edwards

Understanding the Phenomenon of Existential Trust, Jeffrey Courtright

Neurosis on Film: Medicine and Cinematography During the Great War, Jason Crouthamel

Investigating Student Understanding of Histograms: Pre-test Results, Phyllis Curtiss, John Gabrosek, Jennifer Kaplan, and Chris Malone

The Role of Stakeholder Engagement and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in an Evidence-Based Practice Program to Promote and Support Breastfeeding, Kelli Damstra and Linda Scott Dr.

Doing more with less: exploring batch processing and outsourcing in academic libraries, Jeffrey D. Daniels and Patrick Roth

I and We Estimate Success Differently When Pursuing New Year Resolutions, Kristy Dean and Elizabeth Fles

Earnings Persistence and Firm Characteristics in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries, Marinus DeBruine and Yatin Bhagwat

Preparing Secondary Teachers to Support Comprehension of Complex Disciplinary Texts, Nancy DeFrance and Mary Fahrenbruck

Study Abroad and Service-Learning in the Global South: Feminist/Womanist Reflections, Danielle DeMuth